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Free Webinar: Workers Don’t Have to Be Alone – While Working Alone

[icon name=”icon-bullhorn”] [UPDATE: August 20, 2013] The NSC has retired their archived version of this webinar. You may now view this on-demand webinar embedded below.

Earlier this year Blackline GPS hosted a webinar on employee safety monitoring entitled: “Workers Don’t Have to Be Alone – While Working Alone.”


The safety industry continuously innovates methods and practices to protect its workers —  including new PPE, improved training, updated policies, and top-of-mind communication. Every day these efforts are put to the test in the field – but what additional care is taken to protect employees working alone?

New practices and technology are available to pick up where traditional safety efforts end and a safety incident begins – to ensure the best outcome for the lone worker.

The April 2012 webinar covered:

  • Who are considered lone workers and why additional consideration is prudent
  • The legislative landscape regarding workplace injury and liability
  • How OSHA factors into the picture
  • Methods to monitor worker safety remotely and automatically
  • What organizations are adopting new solutions to monitor personnel safety
  • The future of remote worker safety monitoring


Brendon Cook, P. Eng., Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder, Blackline GPS Corp.

As founder of Blackline GPS in 2004, Cook has been involved in most aspects of the business, from business planning, product development, business development, marketing, and management of the company’s service infrastructure. He wrote the company’s first communication protocol for wireless location devices and designed the operational requirements of the company’s first generation products, including the Loner brand of worker safety monitoring solutions.

Prior to founding Blackline, Cook worked with a precision GPS technology company located in Calgary, CSI Wireless Inc. (now Hemisphere GPS Inc.) as its product and marketing manager. There, he managed the company’s precision product portfolio and was responsible for market analysis, defining new products, and coordinating the company’s product development program.

Cook was awarded a B.S. in geomatics engineering from the University of Calgary that helped to build the foundation required to succeed within the wireless location industry.

Yves Carrier, Regional Sales Manager

Yves Carrier, Regional Sales Manager, Blackline GPS Corp.

As regional sales manager, Safety Solutions, with Blackline GPS, Carrier has been involved in the safety, GPS tracking, asset management and machine-to-machine communications industry for more than five years.

Via Blackline’s suite of Loner Safety Solutions, Carrier has been successfully helping organizations throughout North America find better ways to ensure the safety of their field and mobile employees. With a variety of skill sets and experience, including onboarding, project management, sales and customer care management, he brings a professional level of business acumen and implementation facilitation to all his current and potential customers.

Currently working at the head office and living in Calgary with his wife Cheryl, Carrier is bilingual and has lived in every province in the East/Maritimes from Ontario to Newfoundland.

Kyle W. Morrison

Kyle W. Morrison, Senior Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine, National Safety Council

Morrison covers occupational safety and workplace safety regulation for Safety+Health magazine. He moderated the session.​