The Benefits of Loner Safety Solutions by Blackline GPS

Blackline’s Loner brand of employee safety monitoring solutions provide a wide range of industry’s with the most comprehensive suite of functionality available. Loner solutions are versatile and serve small and medium-sized businesses through to enterprises equally well. Loner products and services provide these benefits:

Know instantly when an incident has occurred
Loner automated safety monitoring solutions instantly alert monitoring personnel when an employee has suffered an incident through email, SMS, and Blackline’s Loner Portal web app.

Reduce emergency response time
With Instant safety alerting and enables others to proactively respond, rather than discovering an incident by accident, possibly several hours later.

Deliver emergency aid to your employee’s precise location
Each safety alert is accompanied by the employee’s precise location. Monitoring personnel can use this awareness to dispatch assistance for a pin-point response.

Configure safety monitoring for how your organization operates
Loner solutions are configurable based upon employee roles, organization structure, monitoring responsibility, protocol requirements, and device settings.

Easy safety monitoring integration with your organization
Blackline’s Loner solutions easily integrate within an organization, accommodating organizational structure, employee roles, and each site or location.

Reduce corporate liability risk
Employers are responsible for employee health, not only due to injuries but even if a worker suffers from a health condition. Implementing a safety monitoring solutions helps to reduce corporate liability risk through proactive and automatic safety incident alerting.

Rely on robust monitoring
Compared to traditional manual employee check-in systems that may fail due to human error or complacence, Loner solutions combine automatic employee monitoring with manually-triggered employee alerting.

Choose from internal or external safety monitoring
Loner solutions may be monitored by personnel within an organization using a combination or email, SMS, and the Loner Portal Web application. Alternatively, Blackline’s Loner 24/7 Central Monitoring service centralizes the monitoring responsibility upon a dedicated service.

Save money while achieving regulatory compliance
As compared to traditional manual employee Increased efficiency, Blackline’s safety solutions regain lost efficiency and reduce operating costs. Some regions place a duty of care upon employers, mandating the periodic monitoring of employee safety.