Technologies to Monitor Employee Safety

Blackline’s Loner solutions use a combination of technologies to comprehensively and automatically monitor employee safety—even if an employee is not able to call.

Wireless communication
Blackline’s employee safety monitoring solutions convey the real-time safety status of employees to monitoring personnel using wireless communication technology.

Blackline employee safety monitoring solutions feature configurable schedules to communicate an employee’s location using GPS and cellular triangulation.

True Fall Detection®
Using a combination of accelerometers and gyros, Blackline safety monitoring products will detect and communicate alerts when employees slip, trip or fall.

No-motion (man-down) detection
Blackline’s Loner solutions use accelerometers to automatically monitor employee activity level, detecting man-down incidents where an employee becomes motionless.

Emergency latch
Employees can instantly and manually trigger a call for help by releasing an emergency latch, similar to pulling fire alarm.

Silent emergency
If an employee is under duress and his or her safety is threatened in any way, Blackline’s Loner products feature a Silent Emergency button that can be pressed and held to silently request help.

Employee check-in
Blackline solutions optionally can be enabled with a mandatory, periodic employee check-in.

Intrinsic safety
Blackline’s Loner IS safety monitoring device is certified Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D intrinsically safe.