5 Tips to boost customer satisfaction and profits in the shipping and transport industry

Like all companies, logistics and shipping companies typically have two options for improving profitability: (1) Reduce operating costs and (2) improve revenue or sales. If you are looking for ways to take your operations to the next level, look no further; these five tips will help you to not only cut costs, but also increase your sales revenue per shipment.

Tip 1. Let your clients track their stuff

Some logistics companies offer package or shipment tracking, but what if your clients could use a tracking number to see the exact location of their shipments in real time? Sell this as an additional service to your clients. They’ll be happier knowing where their stuff is and you will be happier with the added revenue. You will also drastically reduce the number of calls received by your support staff. View a shipment in action »

Tip 2. Offer high-value package tracking

Do any of your clients ship expensive or high-risk-of-theft packages? Provide these clients with an anti-theft tracking device slipped in discretely with their shipment and set their minds at ease. They will rest easy knowing that even if the package goes missing from the vehicle they will be able to find it and you will enjoy the financial and non-monetary benefits of providing your clients with better service than the competition.

Tip 3.  Track your fleet

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, fuel consumption and/or driver accountability may be an ongoing concern. While many larger shipping companies deploy multimillion dollar fleet tracking solutions, more economical offerings are available to monitor vehicle idle times and routes traveled. Be sure to notify your vehicle operators that their activity may be audited from time to time.

With fleet tracking in place, you also mitigate your risk of theft ensuring a speedy recovery should a vehicle go missing. Your clients will likely enjoy faster delivery times and you may also notice a decrease in fuel expenses and insurance premiums.

Tip 4. Leverage technology to automate as much as possible

Many business are perfectly content to continue running the same operations over and over again. Instead, look for new and innovative ways to speed up, automate, or bypass expensive or time consuming processes altogether. Every time you find a way to do something faster and better, your business is developing a tangible competitive advantage. As your process automation becomes more sophisticated, it will become harder and harder for your competition to replicate your successes – and that is a real competitive advantage.

Tip 5. Reduce customer care calls

Many transportation companies suffer an enormous amount of calls from clients wanting to know where their shipments or packages are at any given moment. Answering these calls can be extremely time consuming and may become a significant operating expense for some companies. Reduce this expense by helping clients to help themselves. By allowing clients to track their own shipments using the internet or by mitigating shipping risk with package-level tracking, your business can reduce time and money spent on answering calls. See how Passport Transport reduced customer care calls by 50% by reading the customer spotlight.

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