Battery Maintenance Tips for All Blackline Devices

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are an amazing piece of technology. With such high-capacity, combined with surprisingly un-temperamental chemistry, it is obvious why Li-ion is growing in popularity with most cellular and mobile computing devices utilizing it already. While Li-ion may be the World’s new wonder battery, it still requires a little TLC from you, its loving user. So how do you make sure your batteries live long and healthy lives? Also, how do you ensure that your batteries can operate for as long as possible between charges?

Fortunately, Li-ion batteries are easy to maintain. Unlike other battery types, Li-ion does not suffer from the memory effect meaning you can freely recharge the battery whenever you wish, regardless of how much power is left remaining in the battery. In fact, it’s generally better to provide your device battery with more frequent, shallow charges than it is to perform less-frequent “deep” charges.

Shallow battery charges occur when the device battery is recharged while containing more than 20% of its total capacity. A deep charge occurs when the battery is recharged while containing less than 20% of its total capacity. While some devices such as smart-phones and tablets can benefit from a monthly deep charge, Blackline devices do not require this and you should always attempt to charge your batteries as frequently as possible.

NOTE: It is advisable to always charge your devices fully to ensure the longest possible run-time, however it is worth noting that a partial charge will not harm the battery.

All Blackline devices are designed to shut down if the battery runs too low and will not restart until charged to a minimum level. As such, you do not need to worry about draining your device completely and damaging the batter in this manner.

Unlike other Li-ion devices, when leaving a Blackline device unused for a long period of time, you do not need to drain the battery completely. All Blackline devices continue to drain small amounts of power from the battery in order to maintain aware of device status. Some devices will last up to a year before this drains the battery completely.

Aside from good maintenance practices, the run-time of your Blackline devices can be extended by increasing the time between location reporting intervals. First determine how frequently you need to receive location data and have the interval changed accordingly through the Portal web app or call Customer Care at Blackline GPS. Ensuring that you are using the best tracking intervals can save both battery run-time and money.

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