Blackline GPS Rolls Out Cellular ID on all Devices

Blackline GPS is proud to announce that cellular ID and is now being activated on all loss prevention devices using silver or gold plans and on all Loner safety monitoring devices.

Cell ID allows devices to gather location information from nearby cell towers when GPS signals are insufficient or non-existent. Upon being unable to achieve a GPS location fix during a brief period of time, Blackline devices will use their integrated cell ID capabilities to determine their approximate location from nearby cellular towers.

The Portal interface for both loss prevention devices (Dart, Javelin, and Flat Track) as well as the Loner Portal interface demonstrate cell ID information in the same manner. The image below demonstrates the Loner Portal showing a device using cell ID:

Devices using Cell ID now have a unique pushpin to indicate that they are using alternative location information for lack of a sufficient GPS signal.

The sphere surrounding the pushpin indicates the potential area in which the device may be located. This area is determined and generated by Blackline’s background services which compares the areas of overlapping cellular coverage.

The following image displays cell ID in the Portal for Dart, Javelin, and Flat Track devices. Note that devices listed in the device list that are using cell ID will have an aqua-coloured (Approximate Location) tag to indicate that they are using triangulation instead of GPS.

All Blackline devices have been updated automatically to support cell ID. Bronze plan subscribers (Dart, Javelin, and Flat Track only) will not see any change in their service. Silver and gold plan subscribers as well as Loner users should have already begun to see cell ID take effect with their accounts.

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