When we expanded overseas and opened the doors to Blackline Europe in May 2014, we had no idea that in just over one year, we would be able to make such a difference across multiple industries.

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We are currently focused on industrial markets and our team of distributors are well-positioned to deliver the key benefits of our technology to large enterprise corporations:

  • Blackline’s lone worker safety monitoring solutions work globally
  • Our broad portfolio of Loner® solutions is designed to meet the needs of nearly every industry
  • We offer precise indoor location technology to monitor employees inside facilities as easily as outdoors
  • Our Loner solutions are designed to industrial standards to support employees operating in unpredictable environments

Blog Images--industrial8Our greatest advantage in the United Kingdom is our ability to operate on the combined network of four wireless carriers. is the quality of our coverage and that our network is easily proven when Blackline products are field-tested. Nine out of ten times our customers immediately see that the quality and reliability of our coverage by far exceeds their expectations—a very high percentage of product evaluations translate into orders.


While Blackline’s relationship with end users is important, we believe an active network of technically competent, regional distributors is vital for delivering local support.

From Safeguard Solutions in Switzerland to Borkit Safety in Kazakhstan, Al Mansoori in the UAE and most recently EcoSafe based in Turin, Italy—we are seamlessly enabling greater visibility and adoption of Blackline’s products into Europe. This growing network also ensures that safety monitoring consultation and support is quickly available for our customers.

Blog Images--lab worker downAnd, as we continue to work with each sector, from healthcare and security to manufacturing and industrial processing, we will continue in-depth onboarding with our distributors for each vertical that translate into success long term success.


We’ve built a robust clientele in Europe where we add value to organizations in a variety of industries with both employee safety monitoring solutions and corporate asset tracking solutions.

  • Kelda Water Services (water treatment plants)
  • Avanti Gas (propane delivery services)
  • CEMEX (cement manufacturing)
  • Cormac (road salting in remote locations)
  • Bridge Shipping (high-cost shipment tracking in Johannesburg, South Africa)

And these are just a few of our current customers in Europe.

Thank you to each of our distributors and customers for making our first year with offices in Europe such a success. Please subscribe to our blog to stay-up-to-date on Blackline Safety.



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