Changes coming to the Device Users page in the Loner Portal

Blackline GPS is pleased to announce several improvements to the Device Users page in the Loner Portal that will be released in the next few weeks.

We are making changes to the Device Users page to make it easier for our customers to access the most commonly used functionality in the Loner Portal. Changes will include:

  • ‘Device Status’ column: this column will display the On/Off status of each device. You can filter devices by their statuses.
  • Assisted Log Off functionality:  Through the Loner Portal, administrators will be able to remotely disconnect devices from the network in order to prevent an alert escalation during a known false alarm. For Example: If an employee forgets his or her device at a worksite and reports this to monitoring personnel, the device could be disconnected remotely to avoid a false missed check-in alert.
  • New column for alerts: when a device is in alert it will be shown in this column. By clicking on the alert icon you will be able to manage the alert.
  • ‘Assigned User’ column: by clicking on the name of a user, you can select a different user from the address book to assign or re-assign a device to a user.
  • ‘Device Name’ column: by clicking on the device name, you can rename the device.
  • ‘Configuration Profile’ column: this column will  list the Configuration Profiles assigned to each device. You can click on each configuration profile to review it and make changes if required.
  • ‘Alert Profile’ column: this column will indicate the name of the Alert Profile to which the device is currently assigned, you can click on each Alert Profile to review the it and make changes if required.
  • ‘Phone Number’ column: this column will display the phone number of each device’s assigned user. If you are a Loner Mobile user, you can resend your Loner Mobile activation code by clicking on the phone number.
  • ‘Last Communication’ column: this column will display the last communication from each device. By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the Dashboard page which will allow you view additional information.

Our top priority is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. For questions and assistance, or to provide feedback, please contact us at

Thank you for choosing Loner Solutions by Blackline GPS.

The Blackline GPS Team

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