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Make any environment feel less hostile

And every worker more confident.

Protect your workforce with G7 connected safety wearables

With direct and constant communication, built-in GPS, cellular and satellite connectivity and more, G7 from Blackline Safety is a true lifeline for industrial workers. From lone worker monitoring and personal gas detection, it's the only connected safety solution in the world with such comprehensive capabilities. Because when it comes to safety, compromise is not an option.



Industry-leading technology you won’t find anywhere else. It’s why G7 is the premier device for lone worker monitoring and personal gas detection.

Custom safety solutions | Lone worker to single, multi or quad gas with pump options and 20 sensors that support up to five gases.

Trustworthy protection | Poison-immune combustible gas monitoring with broad spectrum LEL detection.

Real-time visibility | Location-enabled technology gives you a comprehensive view of your worksite.

Help is always on the line | SOS latch, two-way voice and text communication, push-to-talk capabilities and Blackline’s 24/7 Safety Monitoring Center ensure the wellbeing of your team.

Automated action | Automated check-ins, fall and no-motion detection, bump tests, calibration, gas exposure and more gives you control and peace of mind.

Data-driven decisions | Empower a proactive safety culture with gas, heatmap, alert and zone reports to make data-driven decisions.