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G7 EXO: Next level area gas monitoring.

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Monitors the area. Disrupts the industry.

  • 4G cellular and satellite connectivity for reliable connectivity anywhere in the world
  • Industry-leading battery life of over 100 days
  • Extensive gas sensor portfolio
  • Unlimited connectivity to employee-worn detectors
  • Powerful analytics and reporting interface
  • No mesh networks and no limits to the number of devices in a network
  • Interface ports integrate G7 EXO alarm outputs to trigger ventilation in your facility or to open gates
  • Automated configuration changes and over-the-air firmware updates


Sets up in seconds. For work that can’t wait.

Just place it where you want and G7 EXO does the rest. On startup, G7 EXO’s start-up wizard confirms network connectivity, location and placement status. For the first time ever, direct-to-cloud connectivity automates alerting, configuration updates and data collection. The result? Seamless and hassle-free operation for everyone.


Connectivity anywhere. For safety everywhere.

Unlike the competition, each G7 EXO connects directly to the cloud so there are no range limits between monitors, or a maximum number of devices allowed on the network. EXO comes with integrated cellular connectivity supported in over 100 countries, with available remote global coverage through an optional satellite module.


A battery that won’t quit. For work that can’t stop.

G7 EXO works harder and longer than the competition. You’ll get 100 days of continuous run time under standard operating conditions. Leave it for months without wasting valuable time changing batteries. Adding our optional intrinsically safe solar panel means you can keep G7 EXO running virtually forever.


Connected. Beyond an area.

Two configurable output ports make it easy to integrate G7 EXO into your existing facility operations and systems. Should gas levels reach a high threshold, it can activate vent fans, open or close gates in the event of an emergency or sound an external siren to alert personnel within a zone.


Built for anything Mother Nature puts it through.

With a tough, aluminum frame and rubber bumpers, G7 EXO keeps working no matter what you or Mother Nature throw at it. It’s designed for everyday wear and tear for workers on the go, so you can leave it outside and your worries behind.

Want even more from your G7 EXO?

Optional add-on services available.

Talk to the team thumbnail

Talk to the Team

Use G7 EXO as a communication device with our Push-to-Talk services. Support team collaboration while helping them stay connected during an event and even call for help during an emergency.
Real-time safety thumbnail

Real-Time Safety

With the option to self-monitor using our Blackline Live cloud software or have Blackline’s Safety Operations Center do it for you, no call for help will never go unanswered.
Do more with data thumbnail

Do More With Data

G7 EXO is cloud-connected and automatically records and streams every bump test, calibration, gas exposure and more. Empower a proactive safety culture with gas, heatmap, alert and zone reports to make data-driven decisions.