Feature Guide: Directional Arrows

Along with numerous optimizations, the firmware updates that all Blackline tracking devices have all recently (and automatically) received have also included a useful new features: directional arrows. All devices located in the Portal will now have a small black arrow to indicate their current direction of travel.

Blackline Portal with Directional Arrows

In addition to providing the direction of travel of any device, directional arrows also provide clarity when using the history view. Rather than requiring users to examine the location time-stamp and compare it to the time stamp of a second location, every recorded location pin will now automatically indicate direction using a black arrow. Unlike continuous tracking or the current device view, the history view use a breadcrumb trail that includes small indicator arrows.

Device History Bread Crumb Trail

The breadcrumb trail allows investigators to receive a birds-eye view of the device history without needing to manually click through every device reporting event.

In addition to the bread crumb arrows, viewing a specific moment in the device history includes a standard-sized directional arrow at that point. This allows users to easily locate specific moments in time and to know the bearing of the vehicle or asset at any point in the tracking history.

History Tracking Directional Arrows

For any additional questions about directional arrows or device history, please contact us directly.

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