Feature Spotlight: Automatic Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

If you own a product by Blackline GPS – whether it is a Loner safety monitoring device or one of our covert tracking products, you will be happy to know that your device fully supports Over-the-Air (OTA) Updating. Devices with OTA updating do not need to be manually updated, whether wirelessly or manually. Blackline devices instead use their integrated cellular connection to detect if a firmware update is available. If an upgrade is ready, the device will automatically download and install the updates without disrupting operation.

Q. Do I Need to Do Anything to Enable OTA Updates?
No. All second-generation Blackline devices (See list below) support OTA inherently.

Q. Can I Disable OTA Updates?
A. No. OTA updates will bring you frequent feature updates which provide completely new, additional functionality.

Q.Does OTA Updating Reduce My Device’s Battery Life?
A. No. Because your devices are always connected via world-wide cellular network, the energy required for your device to update itself is negligible.

Q. How Will I Know When My Device Has Been Updated?
A. Most of the time you won’t know your device has undergone a firmware update. The majority of updates are tweaks and minor optimizations. When a major change or new feature is introduced, you will be notified by Blackline GPS via your point of contact. New features are also frequently announced in Blackline GPS’ bi-weekly newsletter.

Q. What Devices Support OTA Updates?
A. Currently Dart, Flat Track, Javelin, Loner SMD, Loner IS, and Loner FDU/Mobile all support OTA updating.

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