Feature Spotlight: Store-and-Forward

One of the greatest limitations of mobile GPS tracking is the lack of cellular coverage in some areas. These blackout spots prevent GPS devices from communicating their locations in real-time, and frequently leaves large holes or gaps in the tracking history. Fortunately every device produced by Blackline GPS now use store-and-forward.

Why Do I Need Store-and-Forward?

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.18.51 PMWhenever a GPS tracking device leaves an area of cellular coverage or loses connectivity, it becomes incapable of communicating its location or recording its location history. This loss of continuity can weaken the integrity of the information gathered if used for legal purposes or allow a target vehicle to move undetected in areas of poor coverage. Your tracking device is meant to provide you with visibility, but what happens when it is unable to pass that information on to you?

Why Do I Want Store-and-Forward?

By allowing the device to record its location independent of cellular signals, Blackline GPS has created a solution that not only provides greater practicality and value, but also ensures that no tracking information is ever lost.

Upon exit from an area of cellular coverage, Blackline tracking devices continue to read location data from GPS satellites and record the information internally (up to 12,000 locations can be stored on the device). This information is then uploaded to the server upon re-entry into an area of service coverage, ensuring that the entire device tracking history is always present.

How Do I Use Store-and-Forward?

Store-and-Forward is automatic. The moment a device leaves cell coverage, it’s built-in functionality kicks in to ensure that not location information is missed. The device will automatically upload the information upon re-entry into a service zone. As such, zero user intervention is required.

Which Devices Support Store-and-Forward

Currently the following devices do support Store-and-Forward:
Flat Track
Loner SMD
Loner IS
Loner Mobile/FDU

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