Feature Spotlight: Zones

The latest device firmware update has introduced a new and very powerful feature to all of Blackline’s currently supported product lines. Zones™ are geo-fences that a user may place on a map for a variety of alerting purposes. Zone placement is an immensely powerful tool, providing safety management, covert tracking professionals, and consumers alike with the ability to define regions on a map and receive alerts if the region is entered or exited.

Zones are typically used for different reasons by the many types of users of Blackline products; however, the concept behind zoning remains consistent. The manager of a web portal account, whether it be the consumer Web Portal™, the Loner Safety Portal™ or the Covert Tracking Portal™, must log his or her account and define a region on the map which he or she wishes to be the defined zone. Once defined, the portal manager may determine the behaviour that the zone will elicit from every device. Each device may be configured to trigger a remote alert (via email, SMS text message and web) if it enters a zone or if it exits a zone.

Configuration of this capability allows a user of covert tracking devices to be notified instantly the moment a target enters a prohibited area, leaves a location that they were not supposed to leave, or are travelling along a specific route. Safety device users can define work-zones and be notified when workers have arrived or left an area while parents can set zones around prohibited driving regions and be notified instantly should their teen enter the forbidden area. Of course there is no limit to the number of applications for Zones.

To provide better geo-fencing, Blackline has built Zones functionality into the firmware of all currently supported devices, ensuring that alerts for the entry or exit of a region are not limited by server update settings. If a device interacts with a zone, it will send the alert to the server instantly rather than waiting for the portal to request this information at the next scheduled update interval.

We highly recommend that current Blackline clients take advantage of this new feature! If you are not currently a client of Blackline GPS, we hope that you will visit our site and see all of the cutting-edge products and services that we offer.

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