Firmware Updated for all Blackline Devices

Blackline GPS is excited to announce the latest firmware update to every second generation device (Dart, Javelin, Flat Track, Loner SMD, and IS) which has been released this week. The new firmware brings two new power saving features to all updated Blackline devices including Short Sleeps and Packed Locations.

Short Sleeps

Short sleeps allows the processor and antenna to enter low-power mode for 50 – 70% of each second during operation, reducing overall power consumption significantly. While the effectiveness of short sleeps is highest for devices with short tracking intervals (10-second or 1-minute intervals), devices using longer intervals will also receive a noticeable increase in power savings. Short sleeps is activated by default on all updated devices and will not cause any delays in data transmission or real-time monitoring capabilities.

Packed Locations

Packed locations will allow device owners requiring even longer run times to extend their device’s operating time between charges even further. Devices using packed locations will record a configurable number of location points (up to 38) on-board and submit the information to the server upon reaching the selected number. Using packed locations, the device GSM antenna will power-up much less frequently, resulting in a large amount of power savings. Packed locations will be the most beneficial for devices running on 10-second or 1-minute intervals. Packed locations are a user-configurable feature and will be highlighted in an upcoming guide.  NOTE: The user interface has not been updated to allow end users to configure packed locations. This feature will be rolled out as a user-configurable setting imminently.

Your devices are updated

Because the affected devices support over-the-air updates, users will not need to do anything in order to begin seeing the benefits. All devices that connect to the network after January 15, 2013 should begin to see the benefits of the update without any user interaction. Official device benchmarks will be posted as they are completed.

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