First Dart Production Run Sells Out

Today marks the official shipping date of Blackline GPS’ newest covert tracking device Dart. The new device has been so well received that our manufacturing team has been working overtime just to meet the demand for pre-ordered devices.

What is Dart?

In case you missed all the news about Blackline’s newest product, here are a few highlights that set Dart apart from competing devices:

  • Geo-fencing / Zones allows you to place areas on a map and receive instant email or text alerts if a device enters or leaves the area (configurable)
  • The New 2600 mAh Battery is twice the size of many competing products, providing longer run times and enabling a variety of new features
  • Store-and-Forward allows Dart to continue tracking locations even when outside of cellular coverage. Upon re-entry into a coverage area, the device uploads all data ensuring that there are no holes in the tracking history
  • Rugged Weatherproof Design (IP65 ingress protection) protects the device from water, dust, and dirt
  • Blackline’s New Business Portal provides greater tracking capabilities and a more intuitive user interface than many competing products

Unlike the competition, we own our technology from end-to-end, including
the device designs, networking infrastructure, and feature-rich user
interface. This allows us to innovate and continue to develop superior
products like Dart in order to continue exceeding the expectations of
our clients.

UPDATE: The response to Blackline GPS’ newest vehicle/asset/covert tracking device has been enormous. Thanks to the 400+ pre-orders that were placed, the first batch of Dart devices manufactured have already shipped and a second batch is already on its way.

Have you received your Dart covert tracker yet? Tell us what you think!



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