GPS Tracker Used to Arrest Chicago Men Involved in Tire Thefts

Chicago’s Daily Herald reports that a GPS tracking device was used to successfully track and arrest two Chicago men involved in the thefts of more than $300,000 worth of tires and wheel rims. The police, responding to reports of stolen tires from an Illinois car dealership, installed a GPS tracker device in a spare tire stored at a local Nissan dealership. The tracking device led the police to a house in Chicago where they found 1,100 tires and 200 rims in the backyard of the home. 39 year old Terry Haygood and 40 year old Abel Villarreal-Alvarez were arrested and admitted to the crime.

“This is not something we expected to run into. We thought someone was taking tires for their own personal use so we certainly didn’t expect them to have more than 1,000 tires,” said Commander Mike Hernandez. “The scope of this is just huge.” The stolen property is now being cataloged in a special location in Arlington Heights since the quantity of stolen items is too large to be stored in police evidence storage.

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