You’re responsible for the safety of your teams—are you doing everything possible to deliver on your promise? Required to implement solutions that offer tangible evidence, safety is your No. 1 priority. Additionally, you are often required to seek programs that offer productivity improvements with a high ROI, saving your organization time and capital. You’re aim is to comply with regulations, prove compliance, enhance employee recruitment and retention and develop strategies to respond rapidly to employee incidents. To do so, you need effective solutions that are easy to rollout and that offer full visibility of your workforce, giving you better insight into where lone worker employees are located at any given moment, along with their corresponding health and safety status. Are you confident about the products, services, and programs you currently have in place to help you protect your teams?

Your Safety Challenges

To overcome safety obstacles, you need a clear picture of what is happening in the field and in other work environments where your lone workers are situated. However, it can be difficult to have full visibility of your workforce, let alone the real-time safety status of your work alone personnel. Perhaps you worry about adhering to internal protocols and government legislation, but need to remain within budget. Some of your workers travel to and work in remote, confined, underground or otherwise “off-the-grid” areas. When an employee suffers an incident and is in need of help, rapid emergency response may not always be an option—it may take hours or even days to respond using the systems you currently have in place. And response for traveling lone workers may require entire search teams in some situations if appropriate safety monitoring technology is not in use. Your All-in-One Safety Response Solution We recognize it can be demanding and costly to keep up with new products and advancements—but Blackline Safety can help. The safety of our customers’ workforce is at the core of our business. We can help your teams by providing:

  • Turnkey solution—easy to use and seamless to rollout
  • Industry-leading solutions that address employer needs in every industry
  • Employee coverage for those working in remote locations, populated areas, and within complex facilities
  • Consulting to review your work-alone policy and procedures Affordable pricing per employee
  • Easy access to KPIs
  • Full visibility of workforce and employee safety status Confidence for employees, which allows them to focus on the task at hand
  • No more wasting of time and resources with manual check-in processes
  • Smooth adoption of new, reliable monitoring technology
  • Proven ROI and productivity increase compared to traditional check-in systems