Next Generation Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solutions

A workplace safety incident is a stressful time for any employee working in the United States. Our new Loner M6 series work-alone devices make it easier—bringing comfort and confidence to the worker while the monitoring team manages a live emergency response to get the right help to the right location as fast as possible.

Watch this video to see how the Loner M6 Series:

  • features a combination of automatic and manually triggered safety features that initiate the emergency response process
  • offers new 2-way speakerphone and LiveResponse features to help your employees when a safety incident occurs

Let’s Get Started

Our Loner M6 series offers two devices to choose from. The Loner M6 model is available for all general work areas while Loner M6i is ATEX-certified intrinsically safe for use within hazardous environments where an explosive atmosphere may exist.