Is Lone Worker Safety Just Your Solution Provider’s Side Project?

Would you use a walkie-talkie instead of a cell phone? Would you drive an RV on your daily commute? Would you choose a 7-inch tablet instead of a flatscreen TV for your home theatre? Chances are the answer to these questions is “No.”

Most products out there are designed to satisfy a specific need. A cell phone allows you to make calls to people around the world, a car or truck allows you to drive across the city quickly and easily, and a flat screen TV allows you to watch your favorite programs on a big screen in the comfort of your living room without needing to squint your eyes. In the same way, a true lone worker safety monitoring solution is built from the ground up to provide instant notification of an employee emergency, abroad or nearby.

A surprising number of companies claiming to offer lone worker safety solutions are simply repackaging products designed for other purposes. For instance, a quick Google search will show numerous devices that were originally designed for other industrial, and sometimes recreational applications which are now being promoted as “lone worker solutions.” Unlike products that are built from the ground-up to provide lone worker safety monitoring, these repackaged products tend to be lacking certain key functionality including:

  • Cellular or satellite data transmission
  • Long-range communications
  • Real-time location monitoring
  • Man-down and fall detection

Some products sold as lone worker safety products include other major drawbacks versus true lone worker monitoring products:

  • Inability to function while indoors or under cover
  • Inability to communicate an emergency if dropped the wrong way
  • Higher service costs
  • Less features that come standard in most true lone worker safety monitoring products.

When looking at a potential lone worker safety monitoring solution, examine the company that manufactures the product and/or offers the service. Has its established itself in the lone worker safety industry? Did it build this solution for lone workers or is it just trying to sell you some other similar type of product repackaged as a lone worker solution?

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