Lone Worker Monitoring Can Deliver over 400% Return on Investment

Blackline Safety makes it easy to monitor your lone workers anywhereplus, it makes smart financial sense. Our safety monitoring technology can pay for itself while further contributing to your bottom line.

We demonstrate that our lone worker safety monitoring solutions can deliver over a 400% ROI compared to manual check-in processes.

Lone worker safety monitoring technology from Blackline Safety is not only the best way to continuously ensure the safety of lone workers, it can pay for itself while also improving the productivity of your team.

The cost of an Incident $3500000

The National Safety Council reports that a workplace fatality can cost a business $3.5M in direct and indirect costs.
This doesn’t include any potential harm to the business’ reputation or its ability to recruit top-notch personnel.


Increasing productivity isn’t the only value achieved by a comprehensive lone worker monitoring program. Without a monitoring solution in place and your business faces an incident where your team could have done more, you’ve opened the door for financial and legal repercussions. Not only that, your business may be at risk of penalties, increased workers’ compensation fees and insurance premiums. For businesses with a 10% bottom-line profit margin, $35 million more in revenue is needed to break even on costs for a workplace fatality.


Over the last few decades, developed countries have been part of a concrete legislative and social push toward improving lone worker safety standards for employees in the workplace. Employers are responsible for providing safe and secure workplaces for their personnel.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) under the U.S. Department of Labor, “Establishing a safety and health program to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses is not only the right thing to do, it’s the profitable thing to do. Studies have shown a $4 to $6 return for every dollar invested in safety and health.

OSHA also indicates “only about 30 percent of businesses have established safety and health programs. About half of the 95 million workers who would be covered under an OSHA safety and health program standard don’t have that protection today.”

Understanding that every dollar spent offers a return of up to six times the original cost supports the sensibility and financial rationale of investing in safety.


Find out how your organization can reduce costs, save money and learn more about the ROI from investing in lone worker safety monitoring solutions.

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