Manufacturing in Alberta Going Strong

According to Todd Hirsch, Head Economist of ATB, Alberta has the third highest per-capita manufacturing output in Canada coming behind Ontario (2nd) and surprisingly, New Brunswick (1st) whose high per-capita output can be attributed to a very low provincial population.

Alberta’s total manufacturing advanced in November to $6.45 billion—an increase of 7.1 per cent from November of 2012 (seasonally adjusted). More than a quarter (28 per cent) of this was refined petroleum products alone. The province’s other major manufacturing products include plastics, chemicals, fabricated metals, machinery and equipment for energy extraction, processed foods and forestry products.

-Todd Hirsch, ATB The Owl. January 22, 2014

As one of many Alberta-based manufacturers, Blackline GPS has contributed to these provincial revenue numbers. In the nine month period ended July 31 2013, Blackline GPS generated $1,941,174 in sales. This gives a strong indication of the quantity of manufacturing businesses in Alberta and the size of the industry.

According to Todd Hirsch, the majority of Alberta’s manufacturing was refined petroleum products (28%), followed by other major product types including plastics, chemicals, fabricated metals, machinery, equipment for energy extraction, processed food, and forestry products.

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