Product Spotlight: External Battery Pack

Javelin is equipped with a high-capacity 6000 mAh battery and is built to run for weeks before needing a charge. In fact, depending upon the frequency of reporting that is chosen by the user, Javelin is capable of running for up to three weeks without needing to be recharged. That’s mighty impressive but we have to ask: “what happens if you want to run your Javelin for a longer period of time or wish to decrease the time between reporting intervals?”

Aside from following our tips for extending the life of your batteries, a new accessory, Blackline GPS’ Extended Battery Pack for Javelin has been announced which will augment your Javelin Covert tracking device’s battery life significantly.

Built with the same form factor as Javelin and loaded with a whopping 34,800 mAh of capacity, the extended battery adds over five times the battery life to any Javelin device, providing unbelievable operating times and amazing reporting intervals. The extended battery is manufactured with dual rare-earth magnets like those found on Javelin and comes packaged with two different length connector cables to ensure easy connectivity regardless of vehicle and device setup.

The massive battery capacity offered by the pack is all thanks to four Lithium primary cells which, being non-rechargeable, are capable of holding significantly greater quantities of power than their Lithium-ion cousins. The Lithium primary cells will be replaceable (purchasable from Blackline) and provide an inexpensive way to increase the battery life of a Javelin device significantly.

The extended battery is slated to be available early August directly from the Blackline online store as well as from any Blackline retailer. Call us today to get more information! Happy tracking!

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