Safety Monitoring in a Flat World

The internet has brought together people and businesses like never before. Never in human history have we been so connected, so capable of communicating with each other regardless of our physical location. Whether it is a lone traveller in Buenos Aires calling his family back home on Skype or an executive sending emails to a business partner overseas, technology has unlocked new capabilities within nearly all aspects of human life and enterprise… and so we pose a question to you: “if your home computer can allow you to communicate across the globe for an extremely low cost, why can’t your safety monitoring hardware do the same?”

Global Safety Monitoring Solutions are Few and Far Between

There are a ton of options out there for safety monitoring devices and many of them offer an excellent variety of features and capabilities – but do they function cost-effectively across borders? Unless you are making use of a short-range radio device or using Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring devices, chances are the answer is no.

The World is FlatSadly, while there are many safety monitoring devices on the market, few manufacturers of safety equipment have had the foresight to plan for today’s global business environment. With more businesses looking overseas to lucrative foreign markets and vast, untapped resources, the need for products and processes that accommodate this business trend are not only ideal, they are a requirement.

What Does Such a Solution Offer?

The benefits of a cost-effective solution which can accommodate today’s “Flat World” (as conceived by Thomas L. Friedman) are many. Without needing to train employees in the use of multiple systems, overhead safety costs and inefficiencies associated with using multiple distinct, redundant systems can be reduced or avoided entirely. Employees are only required to learn the use of one system and must only adopt it once rather than spend significant amounts of time switching to and learning the use of other systems when abroad.

Likewise, a safety monitoring system that can function seamlessly across borders allows employers to maintain contact and continue to monitor staff without suffering downtime or monitoring blackouts. Cross-border monitoring also allows an organization to make use of economies of scale by utilizing a single monitoring center for both local and international emergency alerts. By using the same established safety monitoring infrastructure across multiple regions, organizations can avoid the costs associated with setting up a new monitoring infrastructure in every country of operation.

Many safety monitoring solutions are capable of offering international support, charging high rates when a device is located outside of its home region. There is no reason why your organization should accept this. There are solutions out there that will liberate your organization from high international monitoring costs such as Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring devices.

The World is Flat

We are closer to each other today than we have ever been. Moscow, Berlin, Cape Town, Buenos Aires – every point on our planet is now within earshot. There is no reason why your organization’s safety monitoring solution should not be able to provide the same level of service with worldwide employee safety monitoring. For the sake of your employees abroad, don’t accept anything less.

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