You face many risks on the job—are you confident your company will respond swiftly when an incident occurs? Spending your days at dangerous work sites, traveling alone, in isolation or out of earshot or eyesight of others, you never know what the day, night or after-hours will bring. On top of completing your work, you’re also required to be productive, efficient and report or check-in periodically with management to confirm you’re safe, as per protocol. Although you’re an expert in your field, you recognize the importance of staying safe in any environment, under various circumstances—especially if you are a lone worker. The bottom line is your company should have a strategy in place to respond rapidly if you or one of your colleagues suffers a safety incident. When your personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe work practices aren’t enough—and something happens—how fast will an emergency response team arrive to help you when you’re working alone?

Your Safety Challenges

When you’re on the clock, you may find your current check-in procedures to be a hassle or waste of time. In fact, the time it takes you and other lone workers to halt your duties and report in, could be time spent working so you can complete your duties, elevate your performance and finish your shift. You’ve got enough on your plate, additional distractions are not ideal. But you need to feel safe and with respect for your privacy taken into consideration. You require a safety monitoring solution that your company uses to ensure your safety, not to breach your privacy. If you suffer an incident and are in need of help, rapid emergency response may not always be an option—whether you’re confined, underground or isolated and off-the-grid, you need a process in place to locate you quickly and send for help when you are working alone.

A Safety-Response System You Can Count On

Your safety is at the core of our business. Blackline Safety can provide:

  • Turnkey solution, easy to use, not cumbersome to wear and not a distraction
  • Confidence that you will be OK if an incident occurs
  • Simple check-in procedure with just the press of a button to let your employer know you’re safe
  • Allowance to focus on the task at hand
  • Smooth adoption of new, reliable monitoring technology
  • Pin-point location services, which alert operations center to your exact location when you need help
  • Detection features for slips, trips or falls and no-motion