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Busy quarter end for Blackline Safety Europe

Everyone is working incredibly hard these days, bringing connected safety to businesses around the world. Today is the last shipping day of the quarter for both Blackline offices. Our day here in Colchester has come to a close and we finished our quarter with more unit sales to customers than ever. It's a very exciting time!

Preparing for growth, we worked with Production in Calgary to ensure we had sufficient on-hand inventory to support customer demand. You can see above that my office doubled as a staging area as we prepared customer orders received in the last couple days.

About half our overall revenue for the quarter shipped in the last couple of days, so it's been an incredibly busy time for our team, with everyone pitching in to get the job done. Similar to what occurs in Calgary, many of our customer orders are individual and require a certain amount of configuration and preparation.

We have an amazing team that spans two continents — thanks to everyone for the help, in the office here in Colchester, at HQ in Calgary and our teams in the field. As I've watched Blackline's growth over the last several years, I've been impressed with everyone's contributions — together, we've built a world-class business at the leading edge of safety technology. We have many accomplishments ahead, with a crucial mission of keeping employees safe while increasing productivity.

After announcing G7 18 months ago in Anaheim, Blackline delivers the world's only comprehensive, turnkey, coherent and effective safety monitoring solution. While our competitors struggle to sort themselves out, we deliver real value to our customers every day, fulfilling their expectations of 'connected safety.'

Our focus has already shifted to our third quarter, planning for further success on our side of the Atlantic. Thanks again for everyone's contributions and achievements.