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Move to Dominion Bridge — update

Here's an update for everyone regarding our project to move into the Dominion Bridge building. We have been getting some good traction on the project over the last couple of weeks other milestones quickly approaching. The following dates could shift somewhat and I will keep you posted periodically throughout the coming weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions,



  • October 1 — We took possession of our space in the Dominion Bridge building
  • Throughout October — We have been working with Make Design (our architect) and NVR Construction (General Contractor) to finalize what the interior will look like, kitchen details, departmental seating plans, etc. We also have several moving company quotes on the way.
  • October 28 — We finalized the scope of the project with the mechanical and electrical engineers so they are able to create detailed drawings for submission to contractors
  • November 14 — Met with NVR, the mechanical and electrical engineers to sign off on the drawings for Dominion Bridge
  • November 15 — Applied to the City of Calgary for a building permit
  • November 16 — The detailed drawings will be sent to five electrical and five mechanical companies to quote the scope of the work at Dominion


  • November 21 — On-site meeting at Dominion to allow the contracts to ask any detailed questions regarding the scope of the work
  • November 23 — Bid process for the contractors will close
  • November 26 — We will review the final budget numbers for the construction to determine what stays and what gets shelved
  • November 27 — Construction will commence (although small things are being done daily)


  • January 31 — The last day of Blackline's first quarter
  • February 1 — SMT Equipment will be decommissioned and moved to Dominion Bridge
  • February 4 — SMT Installed and power installed, ASM Technicians on site to start line
  • February 7 — BLN shuts down operations to allow staff to pack and clean. Everyone will be involved to make this transition a smooth one. If you have 'crap' to purge — begin today! We don’t want to take anything to Dominion that we don’t need. If it hasn’t been touched in a year probably a good idea to toss it.
  • February 8 — Movers on site to start moving everything to Dominion (the move will take three days to complete)
  • February 11 — Staff back on site at the new facility. Bins will need to be emptied and returned to the mover in 48 hours.