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Product Update - August 20, 2018

Recent Product Releases

Removed (some) Messaging Alerts A common issue we have with G7 users is that they'll go in to alert and then respond to an SOC message via text, generating a new alert. This can produce a lot of alert and resolution emails annoying end customers.

We will no longer generate a message alert if there is an active alert for that device that was created in the last 60 minutes.

Sessions Update Updated our session tracking to include charging information. This will easily allow us to filter out charging in our usage reports.
Last Seen Column - Beacons We now record the last seen date for every beacon. This will be used in future reports, but know that if you need to know this information we can pull it from the database now.
Disabling Individual Sensors You can now disable individual gas channels in the configuration.
Software Updates General Bug fixes, Added ability to schedule the fleet health report

Active Projects

Outdoor USB Cable This is an outdoor USB charger. Pricing will be $39 USD, $49 CAD and $54 AUD.

Update: We have received a tracking number for these and they should be available by next week.

August 24, 2018
Blackline 2018 Catalog SKUs have been loaded in NETSUITE.

Update: Catalog is now being circulated for review.

August 29, 2018
Scan Assign Add the ability to assign devices using a barcode scanner in seconds. August 24, 2018
Role for Monitoring Agents We are fixing an issue that makes it very difficult to maintain SOC accounts as they don't automatically get permissions to new relationships. August 31, 2018
Ability to Disable Manual Gas Maintenance Activities We are adding functionality to allow people to turn off the ability to perform manual zeros, bumps and calibrations. When enabled these activities will be reserved for start-up (when zeroing) or in the dock (when bumping and calibrating).

Update: If this is required for a customer, we can likely brute force this in as it's now supported with fw. E-mail me if you have any questions.

Geoforce Integration We are pulling Geoforce asset tracking in to the portal so that we can produce a combined asset and device report for an end customer (Shell). We are interested in more integrations like this - let me know if you have any! September 7, 2018
24-hr Bump Window We are reworking how bump tests work. They will no longer "roll over" at 6pm MST. Instead a bump will be considered valid for 24 hours after its completion.

This is an important fix to go along with our recently implemented "on while charging" mode, as currently bump tests are only checked on startup.

NA: October 5, 2018

EU: September 25, 2018

PTT (and new beacons to support BLE) It’s important to note we are still not discussing push to talk with customers or distributors. This is intended to be a “secret” feature until we release it. Push to Talk will allow users to be part of chat groups and talk directly with each other without needing to create an alert or generate a phone call. This feature is not intended to replace voice calls for emergencies and instead is intended for enhancing productivity. NA: October 5, 2018


Bluetooth We intend to release Bluetooth capability alongside our PTT release to allow people to use wireless ‘radios’ with the G7. We will be very careful with our marketing around this as we’ve spent a lot of time telling people they don’t want to use Bluetooth. October 5, 2018
Pump (and dock to support the pump) G7 pumped cartridges to allow for confined space entry. This release will include a dock capable of handling the pumped unit. Orders being accepted now

EU: Sept 25, 2018

NA: Oct 5, 2018

Large marketing launch at NSC, Oct 22, 2018

Dock Configuration in the Portal We are adding the ability to configure and see docks in the portal. November 15, 2018
Plastic Belt Clip We will be offering a plastic belt clip for our G7 product line. TBD, Target: October 5, 2018
H2, ClO2, High Range NH3, High Range CO We are offering three new sensors to our lineup, one of these may be dropped to make sure we release before the end of the fiscal year.

H2 and high range NH3 will be available for the October 29th build. Our stretch goal is to include high range CO as well. ClO2 will not be available until FQ1 of next year.

October 29, 2018
Aux Battery A snap-on battery that can be used to extend the life of a G7. Not usable in cold weather. Demo at NSC Oct 22, Release TBD, Target: December 2018
Mass Notification Beta We are working to release our mass notification beta to all customers. This beta will have a suggested limit of 40 devices and will only be available to organization admins. Once released, we will look at improving capabilities past 40 devices. August 24, 2018
Organization Migration Tool We will release a tool that makes it easy to merge multiple organizations in to one so that we can make use of our new Roles and Users structure.

Update: We have deemed this not required. It was a tremendous amount of effort for something that is primarily a manual task. We will help in defining a process for this but will not create a fully automated tool. If you have any questions please contact me.

Not doing.

Loner Mobile

User Configurable Check-ins We are adding the ability for the end-user to adjust their check-in timer on the fly. This will be really useful for certain customers like Humana. August 31, 2018
Reduced Battery Consumption (iOS) We have a fix that will reduce iOS battery consumption by about 25%. August 31, 2018
No Motion from Phone We are adding the ability to add a no-motion function from the phone directly (no accessories needed). This may get delayed due to final battery performance testing. Target: August 31, 2018
Server-Side Checkin We are adding server-side check-in to Loner Mobile. On hold - waiting to be scoped.

Product Management Activities

SOS Button Training We are shipping out over 50 SOS buttons right now to all customer facing employees. Once they have been delivered I will host a training session on the Button. Ongoing, ask if you'd like training
Blackline Analytics Training Once available, I will provide internal training for Blackline Analytics. Ongoing, ask if you'd like training
LEL Update Working with marathon on some tests for our pellistor. We will provide an update when we have more information. Ongoing

Important Issues

LEL Pellistor on Hold We are working on a comprehensive communication and training plan with regard to our LEL offering. This will begin rolling out this week.

We have seen what seems to be a higher than expected poisoning and failure rate in our LEL-P sensor. We are closely working with our end-customers and suppliers to troubleshoot this as quickly as possible.  Please consider the pellistor on hold until further notice.

Cl2 Dock and Regulator Support As you all know, the G7 now supports chlorine gas. Chlorine provides some unique challenges that our other gases don’t have. Chlorine is considered to be very “sticky”. A sticky gas adheres to all sorts of surfaces and is very slow to release. This can cause problems while performing bumps and calibrations as the gas will adhere to the various surfaces it comes in contact with which can causes a lower than expected gas response. To help with this there are a couple of key things people should know about bumping and calibrating a chlorine device:

1.      When performing a manual bump or calibration, customers should not use our normal 0.5L fixed flow regulator (ACC-REG), and instead they should use our Stainless steel 1.0L fixed flow regulator (ACC-REG-1L). The increased gas flow helps combat loss due to stickiness. This regulator should only be used on the Chlorine sensor, not our other sensors.

2.      When performing a manual bump or calibration, customers should use the Teflon lined tubing. The Teflon lined tubing helps combat loss due to stickiness. Our chlorine sensors ship out with a special tubing (the markings on it areVersilon SE200).

Finally, our dock does not currently support chlorine. It may in the future but we require a significant amount of testing before we can commit to this functionality.

EOL Notices

M6i EOL.
Loner 900 EOL
Flat Trak EOL. Currently ~450 inventory in stock.
M6 No EOL date.
Dart No EOL date.
G7c / G7x No EOL date.
G7 Bridge No EOL date.
SOS Button No EOL date.
Loner Duo No EOL date.
Loner Mobile No EOL date.