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Updated Employee Handbook & Corporate Policies

On TeamHub today we have shared an updated releases of the Employee Handbook and our Corporate Policies as well as a new Employee Handbook for employees of Blackline Safety Europe. These can all be located in the ‘Woking at ‘Blackline’ section.

The updates in the Employee Handbook include:

  • Privacy – Details on what personal information is shared with which internal/external parties has been added
  • Company provided collaboration tools – Guidance on usage of Slack tool
  • Time away from work – For bereavement leave how family is defined has been expanded to include aunt or uncle
  • Banked time – For those eligible for banked time, it now must be used within overtime within six months of the end of the pay period in which it is earned, rather than three months
  • Workplace Substance Management – References newly introduced corporate policy
  • Driver safety – References newly introduced corporate policy

The Corporate Policies document includes three new policies:

  • Data Security and Privacy Policy– Added as part of our internal privacy initiatives
  • Driver Safety Policy– With the growth of our teams we have included this policy to address this critical area of safety in the workplace and applies to all driving a vehicle for company business
  • Workplace Substance Management Policy– We have added this policy to address impairment in the workplace and our approach to addressing impairment matters for safety-sensitive positions

Our Employee Handbook was reviewed by our human resources solicitor in the United Kingdom and we have incorporated their feedback into a new Blackline Safety Europe Employee Handbook. This reflects local employment law as well as the principals of the Blackline Safety Corp. handbook.

We will be initiating a formal electronic sign off process to confirm that you have read, understood and will comply with the policies outlined in the Employee Handbook and Blackline Corporate Policies.

If you have questions arising from your reading of these documents, please let us know at people@blacklinesafety.com. We will continue to update based on your feedback and as employment-related matters evolve and change.