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You're invited: the Polar Vortex release party

Hello Blackline,

They say “What doesn’t freeze you makes you stronger”. In the midst of a polar vortex, and a historically long deep freeze period, our team has achieved tremendous progress and results in the first major release of 2019.

We had a new Firmware release. Some of the example of many great features in this release, we have new sensors, 10 second ping rate of data, and mute bump/cal alert on devices. Our G7 can now display assigned user on the device in during charging, during startup and in advanced info. Our R&D gang (Hardware, Firmware, Software, and Integrated Testing) have overcome multiple challenges (massive warehouse data load, non-functioning gas generator, and injured team members to name a few), to deliver long awaited features in this release.

We are launching our multi-gas pump cartridge, including the pump block test that ensures functionality of the device before allowing the users to switch the mode. Initial field trials with customers have provided positive feedback. We even create a new pump-run mode in a short duration of time to respond to users’ initial reaction.

The cold has also created a lot of challenges to our customers, who work in extreme conditions. SOC, customer care, and account management have done an awesome job to support not only existing customers but new pilots and roll out.

Manufacturing, purchasing and production, amidst the move, have kept up with fulfillment of orders, and production of all NPI (new product introduction) to assist with the development and testing of this release.

To celebrate the awesome work everyone has contributed in these past couple months towards this release, we will have some snacks and drinks on March 15th 2019 at 3:30 PM in the break-room area. Please come join us, get some cool facts about the release, and a special edition release sticker!