You’re responsible for the well being and efficiency of your employees—are your safety investments effective and worth the cost of implementation? Seeking solutions that offer productivity improvements with a high ROI to save your organization time and capital is key for stability. And, assurances that your lone workers are doing what they are supposed to be doing while remaining safe, is key for your organization’s safety program. You’re aim is to identify the return on your employee safety programs, keep insurance and worker compensation costs low, and avoid financial and legal repercussions for incidents. Realizing it’s key to develop strategies for rapid response to lone worker employee incidents, you also require turnkey solutions, visibility of your workforce and their health and safety statuses. Do your current solutions comply with safety regulations, have a minimum impact to your bottom line and provide your employees with confidence that the best safety program is in place?

Your Safety Challenges

To surmount the risks your teams face on the job, you must balance your push for productivity and efficiency with appropriate safety measures. While traditionally scheduled check-in calls are not convenient, consistent or efficient, modern safety protocol doesn’t have to be an obstacle to accomplishing daily tasks and achieving goals. Understandably, getting budget for “nice to haves” may be difficult to justify. But safety issues with mobile equipment and machinery, crews working at heights or dealing with contractors on site who don’t know or adhere to safety procedures can be too risky. You may also have lone worker employees working at night or off shifts and are concerned about keeping them safe. While heavy investments in personal protective equipment (PPE), processes and policies are valuable, when a safety incident occurs, that investment has failed. If an incident occurs, a team member may not be found until the next day, or worse—a fatality. Subject to fines or even jail time when not compliant with legislation, you’re also not interested in potentially spending unnecessary capital for security guards or other measures to keep workers safe on site.  You need the capability to manage the most efficient emergency response possible.

How Blackline Can Help

The safety of our customers’ workforce is at the core of our business. Blackline Safety provides:

  • Turnkey solution, easy to use and seamless to rollout
  • Affordable pricing per employee
  • Easy access to KPIs
  • Full visibility of workforce and lone worker employee safety status
  • Employee confidence so they can focus on the task at hand
  • No more wasting of time and resources with manual check-in processes
  • Smooth adoption of new, reliable monitoring technology
  • Proven ROI and productivity increase compared to traditional check-in systems