True Fall Detection Technology

According to Aviva Canada, slips, trips and falls (STFs) kill more workers than all other forms of work-related accidents combined and make up 30% of all reported workplace injuries in Canada. 57% of all disabling injuries in Canadian workplaces are the result of falls.

In the United States the statistics are just as telling with 293,986 (24%) of all reported work-place injuries in 2010 caused by STFs according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. These injuries are prolific across numerous industries and result in millions of dollars in insurance costs, lost time and social costs.

Mitigating the Risk


To help mitigate the potential damages caused by STFs, Blackline GPS has incorporated True Fall Detection technology into its newest generation of Loner worker safety monitoring devices. Austrian-developed-and-tested and Blackline-built, this technology is in its second generation and uses advanced micro-electro-mechanical sensors to detect motion intelligently and with 97% precision.

True Fall Detection brings unprecedented accuracy and precision in fall detection to the worker safety monitoring sector with 95-100% precision for fall recognition and the capability of detecting nearly any fall type and direction. When a Loner device equipped with True Fall Detection determines that its wearer has fallen, the device automatically transmits an alert to a safety monitoring center.

The same technology which powers True Fall Detection in Loner devices also drives No Motion Detection alerting.  By utilizing the same hardware for both alert types, Loner devices can effectively receive alerts for both STFs and instances in which a worker ceases movement for a period of time while still maintaining an unobtrusive physical profile.

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