True Stories: Safety Incidents

Every day in North America, 17 people leave for work but do not return home.

The following collection of true stories from Blackline’s NSC 2012 booth presentation showcase the need for better safety monitoring within organizations of all types and locations:

The Water Treatment Plant:

A man working in a water treatment plant fell from a suspended walkway into a tank below. He was near the end of his shift when the incident occurred and with no one nearby he was unable to receive help. His body was discovered the next day face-down in the tank.

The Power Plant:

A man working in a control room of a power-plant left the office and walked outside in -20°C (-4°F) weather to preform a routine system check. While outside, he slipped and fell, fracturing his hip. He crawled 200 meters (~218 yards) in the cold to reach the control room where he was able to get help from a co-worker.

The Roofer:

A roofing contractor working within a team of four was placing shingles on a roof when he slipped and fell 30 feet (~9 meters), hitting his head.

The rest of his team, unaware that he had fallen, continued to work and did not discover him until they came down from the roof an hour later to get a drink of water.

(Fall Detection / Man-Down Alerting)

Slips, trips, and falls will always remain a threat to workplace safety. Fortunately, Blackline’s True Fall Detection™ and man-down alerting allows organizations to find out faster whenever these events occur.

The Hair Salon:

The manager of a hair salon was shot in the head after confronting the abusive boyfriend of an employee waiting outside of the salon. He had kidnapped his children and was on the run from the police. The manager called the salon to warn the employee and then drove up to the man and confronted him from the seat of her car where she was shot and killed from point-blank.

The Quarry Worker:

A quarry worker’s arm was ripped off while working. Unable to receive help in his location, he walked 500 meters (0.32 miles) before finding someone that could assist him.

The Janitor:

A female janitor had just finished at a work-site and was walking to her car in order to drive to the next work-site. While in the parking lot, she was confronted and shot in the face by an unknown assailant.

Injured but still alive, the janitor got into her car and drove to the police station where she reported in the incident and hospitalized.

(Emergency Latch / Silent Alerting)

Fortunately, the intuitive manual alerting modes included in every Loner safety monitoring device can ensure that when events such as these do occur, organizations and first-responders will be ready and capable of answering the call the moment it happens.

The Policemen:

Two policemen were found fatally wounded in their office one evening. Both men succumbed to their injuries shortly after being arriving at the hospital.

(Man Down Alerting)

An incapacitated employee could not call for help until now. With automated man-down alerting by Blackline GPS, employees that fall unconscious or are otherwise unable to trigger a manual instant alert can still be protected. All Loner® devices send automatic alerts if an employee fails to move for a configurable period of time.

The Real Estate Agent:

A real-estate agent showing a new home was tied up by two men and left on the floor while they robbed the house. The agent finally managed to free herself and escaped to the top floor where she hid in a room while the men were outside loading their truck with stolen goods.

Once the men had finally left, the agent turned on a computer in the home which she used to send an email to a friend who called the police for her. The police arrived but much too late to catch the men.

(Silent Alerting)

Sometimes responders need to be notified quickly and discretely. With Loner silent alerting, help is only a button-press away. Unlike traditional alerting methods however, silent alerts do not emit lights or sound but only give off a slight vibration to notify the user that the alert has been sent.

The Prison Guard:

A female prison guard was found strangled in the chapel of a correctional facility after having missed a routine check-in.

(Automated Check-in)

Manual check-ins are do not enable immediate emergency responses and waste both time and money. Use automated alerting with Loner devices and allow each device to perform automated check-ins at pre-configured intervals to provide an extra level of care. Eliminate wasted time, improve efficiency, and respond faster.

The Grain Elevator:

Four employees working in a grain elevator were killed after the equipment being used triggered a spark, igniting the particles of grain that had accumulated in the air.

                                                    (Intrinsic Safety)

Some workplaces are susceptible to fires and explosions. Fortunately, all of the monitoring value offered by the Loner SMD are also available in the intrinsically safe version, Loner IS.

Besides education, awareness, and prevention, a robust safety monitoring system is critical to ensuring that when an emergency does occur, the right people are notified and in a timely manner. Loner solutions are expertly designed to help create more happy endings. Contact Blackline today for more information.

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