Why You Should Scrap the External Case

In our earlier article, 5 Tips for Buying Better GPS Tracking Products, we mentioned that professionals looking to buy a GPS tracking device should think carefully before purchasing any product that requires the user to purchase an additional battery and case in order to receive acceptable run times and durability.

Don’t be fooled by extremely small tracking devices

Many manufacturers of small GPS tracking units achieve their unique device profiles by not building them with high-capacity (and larger) batteries. As such, the cost for size is often operating time and/or frequency of tracking intervals. While this may be acceptable for parents that just need to track their children to school and back, professionals require more reliable, persistent tracking capabilities that continue over a more realistic period of time. To combat this, manufacturers often sell additional parts such as external batteries and weatherproof cases for their tracking devices. While it is true that the tracking device itself may be extremely small, the need to place it within a large weatherproof case along with a larger battery in order to receive reasonable operating specifications eliminates the size advantage that is offered by such devices.

Important features that should be built-in

Rather than purchase a device that requires additional components to meet your professional needs, look for a device that is built with and includes all of the features that are necessary for your application such as:

  • High-capacity battery
  • Weatherproofing
  • Inconspicuous Design

A high-capacity battery will last longer than a few days. If your tracking device dies in mid-operation, you risk losing the device and your investment.

The weatherproofing if you plan to use your device in a location where it may come into contact with the elements, be sure to choose a rugged one with ingress protection of at least IP-65.

The inconspicuous design A pelican case magnetically attached to the bottom of a vehicle is not inconspicuous and are often detected by a chance look at the undercarriage of a vehicle. A professional covert tracking device should not be obvious once mounted.

When choosing a covert, vehicle, or asset tracking device, always look at the big picture before making the final selection. If a tracking device is touted as being extremely small or “the smallest, always ask at what cost.

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