Study Compares Worker Fatality Rates Between the USA and the UK

An article in the Industrial Journal of Medicine, published September 30, 2013 finds that workplace fatalities in the United Kingdom occur approximately 1/3 as often as in the United States:

In 2010, the fatality rate in the UK was about 1/3 the rate in the US. In construction the rate was about ¼ the US rate, a difference that had grown substantially since the 1990s. Several other EU members had rates almost as low as the UK rate. Across EU countries, lower rates were associated with high-level management attention to safety issues and to in-house preparation of “risk assessments.”

-Occupational fatality risks in the United States and the United Kingdom. John Mendeloff PhD,Laura Staetsky PhD, American Journal of Industrial Medicine , Sept. 30, 2013

The United Kingdom has long held a record for strong legislation in the area of lone working – placing the responsibility for the safety of employees working in remotely, in isolation, or alone in the hands of the employer. This distinction between UK and US legislation may well be a very influential element in reducing the rate of occupational fatalities.

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