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Harness fast incident response. A stronger safety culture. Worker confidence and trust. Lone worker and gas detection technology enables it all—easily and efficiently.

See Connected Safety In Action

Learn how to detect and respond to any safety challenge with wearables and area gas monitoring equipment.

Transform Single-Gas Detection With Connectivity

Introducing the all new G6 wearable—the new safety standard in the industrial workplace.

The Power of Connected Safety

Industry-leading technology for lone worker protection and gas detection to make sure everyone gets home safe.

Connected gas detection products
real-time gas detection visibility

Real-time visibility

Location-enabled equipment, linked to a cloud-connected platform, means you can be on the ground to understand what’s happening wherever you are, from any Internet-connected device.
reliable connectivity gas detectors

Reliable connectivity

Integrated cellular or optional satellite connectivity for a failsafe way to keep in touch—in even the most remote locations.
sensor portfolio gas detection

Most advanced sensor portfolio for gas detection

The most precise STEL (short-term exposure limit) monitoring in the industry, with a broad selection of 20 sensors to choose from.
safety workers communications

Layers of communication

Stay connected with the safety of each worker, in any situation, through manual, automatic, and time-based alerts.
gas detection reporting analytics

Robust reporting and analytics

Identify actionable opportunities to understand gas exposure, boost efficiency, and manage compliance with out-of-the-box or customizable analytics.

versatile gas detectors

Streamline and scale with ease

Our technology has the versatility to meet your needs today—or to grow in future. Working with one partner makes it easy and drives a low cost of ownership along the way.

You Can Have It All

The only all-in-one connected safety solution, all in one platform.

From lone worker protection to powerful workplace insights, everything you need to ensure everyone gets home safe is right here.

Join 1,900+ Leading Brands Who Use Blackline Safety

A commitment to safety shared around the world industries, across the world.
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British Steel
“If we didn’t have the Blackline device and the AED, I don’t think [our employee] would be alive today. This goes to show the importance of having both lone worker devices and AEDs in place”
Human Resources Manager
"Data collection and analysis is the present and future of the industrial sector. With the data we’re able to collect, track and analyze, we can respond and adapt quickly if there is a risk of gas exposure, and also look back to take steps to mitigate that risk in the future. Data is a driving force in keeping our people safe and supporting our commitment to the environment.”
Mark Silvester, CEO

“What separated Blackline from the competition was the no-motion sensor. Over the years we’ve evaluated a number of different systems, and Blackline is the only one I think could realistically save a life.”

Dale Ramsbottom, Team Lead Meter Reading
Enmax Corporation


Industry-leading capabilities for lone worker protection and gas detection to make sure everyone gets home safe.

Oil and Gas

Connected protection for your most valuable resource. Your people.

Water and Wastewater

Essential protection for your essential worker.

Hazmat and Fire Response

Protect those that protect us.

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How Connected Safety Technology Streamlines Evacuation Management

Evacuation management is a necessary element of safety planning for oil and gas operations. It is critical to be prepared to quickly and safely evacuate personnel in the event of an emergency. Every second counts when lives are on the line.

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Enovert Uses Data Insights to Protect Workers and Mitigate Risk

Discover how a leading landfill and waste resource management company uses Blackline Safety data analytics to enhance gas detection and exposure prevention.

Creating Impact

Game-changing technology that’s re-imagining how companies protect their people.


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