How Safety Monitoring Works


Incident Occurs

Workers face risks of injury, health incidents, environmental exposure and even security threats. Should an incident occur, your organization must act in real-time. Not only will you need to know who is involved, but what occurred, where your employee is located and whether coworkers are nearby. Making a difference requires an immediate response that may require the dispatch of police or EMS.

Safety Monitoring


Automatic incident detection and manually initiated alerting

Employee-worn monitoring technology automatically detects environmental gas exposure, falls and even a motionless or man down event. Person-worn monitoring devices can request regular employee check-ins to confirm wellbeing. Additionally, your employee can instantly request help by manually pulling the SOS latch—even if vision is impaired.

How Safety Monitoring Works


Real-time alert communication to the Blackline Safety Network

When an alert is triggered, your employee’s name, alert type and exact location are immediately reported to your monitoring personnel, Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center or one of our Alarm Receiving Center partners. Alerts are communicated via 3G mobile or satellite networks to the Blackline Safety Network.

For precise positioning outdoors, our assisted-GPS technology pin-points your employee’s location. Our indoor location beacon technology pin-points the location of personnel working indoors, beyond the reach of GPS signals.

Two Phones
Safety Network


Custom emergency response protocol initiated

An emergency response protocol is customized for exactly how your business is structured and operates. Supervisors and managers are notified via text message and may be called on by the response team if needed. All safety alerts are received by your own monitoring team, Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center or by one of our Alarm Receiving Center partners.

How Safety Monitoring Works


The fastest possible emergency response

Our Blackline Live monitoring portal safety is a cloud-housed web application and provides all the tools to manage safety incidents from receipt through to resolution. It stores the device configuration profiles and alert profiles, plus it provides a live view of each employee’s location. Emergency response management tools include two-way texting and voice communication options that allow monitoring personnel to assess the situation and deliver the right response, in the shortest amount of time. Our response protocol is BS8484 accredited, guaranteeing a Level 1 response in the UK.

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We provide tools that enable employers to improve the outcome for workers who have suffered a safety incident, health issue or physical assault. We don’t prevent incidents but we are there to make the most of difficult and dangerous situations. How can we help your organization?