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Blackline Safety Close Contact Blackline Analytics report 2Protecting the safety of your teams and worksite is our top priority. That's why we're using our industry-leading connected safety technology to help safeguard your employees and businesses through automated industrial contact tracing.

Using a combination of our intrinsically safe G7 safety wearables and our Loner Mobile smartphone app, employee location data streams to the Blackline Safety Cloud and powers interactive contact tracing reports though our online Blackline Analytics software.

Should an employee present with symptoms or test positive for the COVID-19 virus, our contact tracing report can immediately retrace the individual's steps, see where he or she may have had contact with other coworkers and see who those individuals are.

Our team has developed several resources, including a new webinar, that provide more information and best practices to keep workers safe during and after the pandemic.

Safeguarding Workers Against COVID-19

Designed for use on hazardous sites, our intrinsically safe G7 wearables and Loner Mobile smartphone app can help reduce workers' exposure and limit the spread of COVID-19. In this webinar, Blackline will speak about COVID-19 and approaches for contact tracing, plus discussion about industrial contact tracing solutions.

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How Contact Tracing Can Help Protect Your Company

In the event of a symptomatic employee or positive coronavirus case, how would your business respond? Blackline is empowering companies with the technology to identify where affected employees worked and who they came into contact with while on the job, ensuring a swift and efficient response to the threat of COVID-19 throughout your business.

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Cloud-Connected Technology Enhances Safety

Our Blackline Vision data science team has created a new custom Close Contact report for our customers to help identify specific interactions and combat the spread of COVID-19 through their teams.

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Using Blackline’s Close Contact Report to Combat COVID-19

Our Close Contact report is powered by Blackline Analytics and works with our G7 wearables and smartphone app. It provides powerful insights into your employees’ potential close contact with one another. With customizable filters, use the Close Contact report to support your social distancing program.

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