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You oversee your worksite.

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Construction and other industrial sites are under constant pressure to deliver results. That’s why data science has become a crucial tool that can improve your site’s productivity, save you money and keep everyone safe. And there is no better way to understand and leverage data than with Blackline Vision.

Your challenges, accepted.
We’ll deliver insights and solutions to solve them.

With our background working at various industrial sites, we understand the worksite issues managers need to solve, even those no one knows about yet. You no longer have to be intimidated by managing large volumes of data — that’s our job. We become your partner, analyzing endless data points across your worksite, identifying safety trends and productivity insights, to drive your projects forward.

As a complete team of data experts fully embedded in the operations of enterprises across every industry, we help you:

Use time more efficiently

Up to 70% of a craft person’s day is wasted on field coordination and travel1. By leveraging data hidden in your worksite, we’ll help you orchestrate workforce activities that increase direct wrench time and schedule certainty.


1(Source: For Construction Pros)

Save money

Our insights help your team spend more time-on-tools, cutting out costly foot travel about the site. Our turnkey, quick-to-deploy and fully supported workforce movement solution identifies unproductive activities that are diverting resources, enabling you to create a more productive workforce.

Enhance safety

We understand the critical safety issues that result from combining challenging work environments with tight schedules, a multitude of workers and limited resources, especially during turnarounds and shutdowns. We’ll help ensure worksite safety, reduce near misses, uncover threats and identify risks. We look at a variety of factors such as gas exposure on brownfield sites, proximity to supervisors, and many more. Our insights, customized to your worksite and needs, can give you a detailed safety overview of your entire operation and help you reach zero-harm goals.

What makes Blackline Vision different?

Our team helps you leverage your data and see results in days — not weeks or months. Benefits of working with Blackline Vision include:

  • We are the global leader in site workforce behavior, movement and gas detection analytics, analyzing over 150 billion data points annually
  • We have a deep background in heavy construction and project delivery, including with turnarounds and shutdowns
  • We see ourselves as your partner, working alongside you and your teams to ensure you achieve practical results
  • We can work at any scale, whether you have tens or thousands of craft people
  • We spend time studying and interpreting data so you can spend your time doing what you love: managing your project
  • We can study your data at a micro or macro level to help you either see a centralized, big-picture view of your project or key insight on a specific task
  • We don’t have the overhead of a big IT consulting company — we focus on data, are easy to work with and deploy quickly so you begin seeing results within weeks, not months
Let us do the heavy lifting

Discovering safety and productivity insights through data analysis

Opportunities to enhance safety and productivity are normally hidden by the overwhelming size and complexity of available information. We extract those insights for you, analyzing large volumes of data from a broad range of sources, to identify solutions that improve operations on your job site.

Visualizing and seeing the data, from anywhere

Our team works with you to create meaningful visualizations of your data. Our visualizations, which consistently make their way into stakeholder and investor meetings, training sessions and workshops, filter out distracting noise from large volumes of data and give you the actionable insights that matter to you. We deliver the information in a way that is tailored to your worksite, communicating the story you need to tell. Plus, you can see the insights from any internet-connected device or have it delivered straight to your inbox or phone.

Providing continuous support and counsel

Do what you do best, the way you have always done it and we will take care of the rest. We know worksite teams are busy managing projects, budgets and timelines, so our construction-savvy data scientists provide you with insights and the counsel you need, then stay out of your way. As a global worksite data science leader, it’s our job to work with your data and provide views into what it means for your business, giving you support and guidance every step of the way on how you can tap into its potential.

Integrating data to reveal valuable information across entire projects

Our turnkey analytics platform can ingest and interpret any and all data from your business, including connected wearables, RFID systems, project management software, process software, HSE software, scheduling systems, weather data services and more. We consume the information, combine it with other sources and produce actionable insights that improve worksite safety and productivity.

Our team has improved processes, safety and productivity at more than 100 worksites, ranging from tens-to-thousands of workers.

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