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To ensure that businesses are compliant to gas detection regulations, traditional gas detectors require team members to manually retrieve data from calibration docks in the field, compile it, review it and report to stakeholders. Even then, the report is a snap-shot that was valid a week or a month ago.

To increase the level of safety while winning the compliance battle, businesses must be equipped with the latest in cloud-connectivity, location technology and wireless configuration management. Read on to learn about our direct-to-cloud connectivity, data analytics and online software. 

Blackline Safety G7 Insight gas detection system

Blackline has introduced G7 — a new, simple program that bundles direct-to-cloud connectivity with world-class gas detection, a patented SOS latch, a simple compliance dashboard and leading data analytics tools. In short, G7 gives time back to teams, allowing them to focus on what’s important while also providing next-level safety.

G7 is the world’s first comprehensive, managed gas detection program to harness turnkey cellular connectivity. Every bump-test, calibration, gas exposure and detector usage is automatically recorded, powering a compliance dashboard and business analytics without the hassle. Our G7 gas detector automatically manages wireless communications for you — there's no industrial Wi-Fi, mesh networks or Bluetooth connections to smartphones. Our G7 gas detectors take care of everything for you.

Connected Sensors

With G7, we seamlessly connect each gas sensor, gas reading and compliance data to the Blackline Safety Cloud. From your online account, know who isn’t using G7 equipment and who missed a bump test or calibration. Choose from a portfolio of 20 gas sensors, including ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), combustible gases (LEL infrared), oxygen (O2), photoionization detector (PID) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

Current Compliance

Blackline Safety G7 Insight gas detection system

Don’t waste any more time with compliance data collection and reporting. With our G7 program, we do it for you — automatically. From any internet-connected device, quickly see which G7s are in compliance and which require immediate attention. Our online dashboard provides you with immediate situational awareness and a recommended action.

Critical Insights

Compared to conventional ‘beep-and-flash’ gas detectors, Blackline’s new G7 gas detection system places more data at your fingertips than ever before. From our online Blackline Analytics software, we’ll show you who’s using equipment properly and who isn’t, and even which docking stations are under-utilized. Map the locations of gas leaks to schedule proactive maintenance, see when confined space entries are occurring, compare your teams to see which ones have superior behaviors and much more. 

Blackline Safety G7 Insight gas detection system

Patented SOS Latch

Blackline's patented SOS latch makes it easy for every employee to call for help. Unlike an SOS button, our SOS latch works confidently, even if your vision is obscured. Further, its careful design minimizes the chance of a a false alert. Configuration of G7's integrated SOS is optional and notifies supervisors or managers through email and/or text message.

Plug-and-play Cartridges

No more downtime due to failed gas sensors. With Blackline’s lifetime warranty and modular cartridges, if a sensor fails, the cartridge can be switched out for a new one in seconds. Modularity also makes it easy to reconfigure devices with new sensors as needs change. Replace a single-gas diffusion cartridge with a multi-gas diffusion or multi-gas pump cartridge for confined space entries. With G7, device downtime is eliminated and sensor maintenance is easier than ever.

G7 Scales with Your Needs Over Time

We designed G7 to fit in seamlessly with the rest of our connected safety portfolio. As your needs shift over time, G7 scales to meet the needs of your business.

  • Add a real-time monitoring option — monitor your teams' safety from a control room, by supervisors or from our in-house Safety Operations Center or Alarm Receiving Centre partners.
  • Manage real-time alerts including fall and no-motion (man-down) detection, missed check-in, high gas, low gas, short-term exposure limit (STEL), time-weighted average (TWA) gas exposure limit and more
  • Online emergency response management tools
  • 24/7 live monitoring from Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center
  • Two-way voice calling and messaging between the employee and live monitoring team
  • Premium sensors: photoionization detector, chlorine, ammonia and carbon dioxide
  • Push-to-talk turns G7 into a walkie-talkie, providing 100 channels for team and cross-team collaboration

Maximize productivity and performance with accessories

Blackline Safety G7 Insight gas detection system

Gas sensor testing and calibration capabilities are built directly into G7, enabling it to accurately communicate all test data for compliance reporting to the Blackline Safety Cloud. No matter whether your team bump tests G7 gas detectors manually or using our G7 Dock, all compliance data is available online. Our compact and affordable G7 Dock leverages the connectivity of G7 devices instead of requiring the complexity of a networked docking station, simplifying bump testing and calibration processes.


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