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Employees often work alone or interact with members of the public and require a simple, non-intrusive solution to monitor their ongoing safety. Turn your employees’ iPhone®, Android™or BlackBerry® into a leading safety monitoring platform.

Blackline Safety’s Loner® Mobile lone worker safety app was designed specifically to meet the needs of employees working alone in unpredictable situations. You can easily transform your employees’ smartphones into reliable safety monitoring devices when they’re working outdoors, especially when they are required to focus on the road.

Loner Mobile fits into a lone worker’s routine and replaces productivity-draining check-in procedures. Unlike some competitive smartphone apps that only call a buddy list, Loner Mobile alerts monitoring personnel who can make a difference through an empowered, pin-point emergency response to the lone worker’s location.

Prior to entering a site, building or client’s home, lone workers can send location-based notes to monitoring infrastructure that provide valuable context surrounding their location, activities and risk level.

A configurable check-in timer confirms the employee’s ongoing well-being and notifies live monitoring personnel of exceptions via safety alerting. If an emergency incident occurs, the user can trigger a Loner Mobile control to alert monitoring personnel instantly.

Safety alerts can be configured with automatic two-way calling to monitoring personnel, enabling a higher level of situational awareness. This feature also helps to make Loner Mobile compliant to British Standard 8484 for lone worker safety monitoring.

All Loner Mobile settings are configurable over-the-air, providing the control necessary from small deployments to large-scale corporate roll-outs. Loner Mobile is an ideal solution for office personnel traveling into the field, replacing traditional Journey Management processes.

Highly Configurable Loner IS+

Highly Configurable

As with all of Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring solutions, Loner Mobile is highly configurable to meet the requirements of a broad selection of applications and requirements. Targeting small and medium sized businesses through to multinational organizations, all configuration changes occur over-the-air. Device profiles within Blackline’s Loner Portal, safety monitoring application ensure no Loner Mobile app is misconfigured.

Still Using a Manual Employee Check-In Process?

Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring solutions are leading the way, providing the fastest emergency response possible when a lone worker needs help. And, the ROI we offer your business will make this an easy justification.

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Loner Mobile Features

Cellular and Satellite Communication

Loner Mobile leverages the cellular communications of your smartphones and the service of your wireless provider, offering a lower operating cost alternative to our dedicated Loner devices such as Loner SMD and Loner IS+.

Bluetooth Wireless

Loner Mobile is compatible with a smartphone’s Bluetooth® Smart wireless communications that enables feature expansion via Blackline’s Loner Duo accessory. Loner Duo maximizes the capability of the Loner Mobile app through a compact wearable device.

Employee Check-In (Automatic)

Organizations now have a method to regularly and automatically confirm their lone worker’s well-being throughout the work day—without an impact to their productivity or your bottom line. Loner Mobile can be configured to request an employee check-in with a timer that suits the risk level of their environment and activity. Loner Mobile will use an audible and vibration-based request for the employee to confirm his or her safety status by pressing the check-in button. If the work alone employee does not respond within a preset time, it communicates a safety alert in real-time to monitoring personnel to manage an immediate emergency response to the user’s location. Learn more about how Loner Mobile’s check-in feature compares to traditional check-in processes.

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Silent Emergency Request

Loner Mobile features an emergency slider control within the application that enables the employee to request help to his or her location. Loner Duo is the ideal accessory to intuitively trigger an instant safety alert. Otherwise all smartphone safety monitoring apps require the smartphone to be within arm’s reach, unlocked by the user, the app accessed and the emergency request triggered. This feature provides a physical link to monitoring personnel, enabling the lone worker to instantly request help with the pull of an emergency latch—even if the smartphone is not within arm’s reach. Protect the safety of your lone workers with Loner safety monitoring solutions.

GPS Location Technology

For precise positioning, Loner Mobile leverages the location technology of your mobile phone that includes GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technology. When a safety alert is triggered, Loner Mobile devices always report the lone worker’s current location to monitoring personnel their location to monitoring personnel. For additional location-based content, an optional breadcrumb history can be generated by Loner Mobile with locations being reported to monitoring infrastructure according to a configurable schedule.

Two-Way Text Messaging

When a safety alert is triggered, you have the option for Loner Mobile to trigger an automatic two-way voice call to monitoring personnel. This feature enables the monitoring team to speak with the employee and interpret the situation in order to help manage an emergency response as required.

Loner Portal

All of our employee-worn safety monitoring devices and smartphone apps communicate regularly with Blackline’s monitoring infrastructure. Our cloud-hosted Loner Portal safety monitoring application is the centralized headquarters that enables efficient and comprehensive online management of all fielded Loner products and associated safety alerts they generate. A comprehensive safety alert management workflow empowers monitoring personnel with the situational awareness required to quickly respond to safety alerts, assess the situation, escalate within your organization and dispatch emergency responders—whether these are nearby co-workers or local 9-1-1 services.

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Loner Mobile users can provide on-the-go context to their activities that will help monitoring personnel manage an efficient emergency response whenever needed.

Loner Duo

Blackline’s Loner Duo wearable accessory pairs with Loner Mobile using Bluetooth® wireless communications, creating a comprehensive safety monitoring platform for higher risk applications. Loner Duo supplements Loner Mobile with a physical interface that can be used to manually trigger an alert quickly in contrast to unlocking the smartphone and accessing Loner Mobile. Loner Duo also features the same automatic safety alerts as Blackline’s standalone safety monitoring devices to ensure that help can be requested even when it’s user can’t.

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