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Software & Data

The safety of your people was on your shoulders. Now it’s at your fingertips. Our software platform is the hub of every Blackline Safety solution. Know the moment something happens and manage it through to resolution with world-class emergency management tools, while reports are automatically compiled for you using data streamed directly from the field. Monitor, configure and deploy your fleet at any time, from anywhere.


Blackline Live

Gain real-time visibility of the wellbeing of your teams and ultimate command over your connected safety fleet with the most powerful, effective and efficient safety management and productivity system — Blackline Live.

Gas Detection Data Analytics

Blackline Analytics

Our portfolio of Blackline Analytics Essentials and Premium reports, powered by our Blackline Live engine, delivers a complete view of your fleet's operations.

Gas Plume Dispersion Modeling

Plume Modeling

Real-time plume modeling—gathered directly from data in the field—can help you make better, faster and more informed decisions and deploy your resources effectively and strategically.


API Library

Blackline Safety’s Application Programming Interface (API) effortlessly gives you the flexibility and freedom to integrate your cloud-connected device-level data in Blackline Live into nearly any system or reporting platform.


Loner Mobile

Blackline’s Loner Mobile personal safety app turns an iPhone® or Android™ into a simple and non-intrusive safety monitoring device.