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Blackline Vision

Uncover patterns. Unlock insights.

Blackline Vision

Today, more than ever, worksites are under the microscope – to do more with less, respond faster and perform better. And there is no greater way to meet these demands than by leveraging the data around you to improve.

Data is everywhere, but not everyone knows how to maximize it. Blackline Vision can help you go even deeper into the data collected from your Blackline Safety connected devices with Custom Analytics.  

These tailored dashboards and interactive reports can help identify actionable opportunities to enhance safety, workplace efficiency and your bottom line.

83% of organizations have improved their efficiency by introducing IoT technology. (DataProt)

Dig deep into data — manage projects like never before.

When you quantitatively measure practices in the field, their effectiveness, and the potential hazards your people face performing them, you can use this information to introduce process changes and targeted training.

  • Enhance existing Essential Reports or tailor new reports with custom visuals
  • Target specific metrics that are important to your company.
  • Create company-specific report templates to display new data in familiar ways to secure stakeholder buy-in and reduce barriers to adoption.
Flexible Delivery Options

Choose to have your most important metrics and insights emailed straight to your inbox. Or, search, filter, or view the highlights of your Blackline Safety device data with a report inside your Blackline Live portal. Tailored reports can be emailed to your team members’ inbox quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

No matter the industry, we're here to help you.

Our experts have deep backgrounds working on industrial worksites of varying scales around the world. Whether you’re a construction manager looking to optimize time-on-tool activities, an industrial hygienist hoping to gain insight into long-time gas exposure threats or even a data scientist seeking raw data reports, we understand the issues you need to solve.

Through data extraction and analysis, we provide you with valuable insights that unlock opportunities for greater efficiency and more robust safety practices within a variety of applications. 

Custom Reporting Capabilities


Data integration

Merge external data such as work orders and contractors’ site schedules, with data from Blackline Safety’s cloud-connected devices to uncover multi-dimensional insights.


Geofenced and zone-based location reporting

Stack a geofenced zone to any existing report and view trends and patterns in gas or worker alerts by zone.  


Secure data transfer subscriptions

Receive historical data exported from your Blackline Safety wearables to support internal reporting.


Evacuation management

Create a custom evacuation management dashboard to view analytics from real or simulated evacuation. Measure time in transit to muster points, assess evacuation routes, and view alerts triggered to optimize your evacuation drills and plans.

A partnership for success

With Blackline Vision, we’ll work in close collaboration with you every step of the way to create your Custom Analytics:

  • Discovery—preparation of a needs analysis to get a sense of your goals and objectives and the challenges you need to solve
  • Proposal—detailed scope of work and timelines for approval
  • Design—report set-up and preliminary mockup reviews
  • Development—report build and testing
  • Deployment—launch and assessment


Contact us today for a no cost, no commitment discovery session with one of our data services experts.