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G7 Multi-Gas Pump

Confident, connected confined space gas monitoring.

G7 Wearables Video

Built-in connectivity, real-time visibility and a robust analytics platform gives you unprecedented control over every confined space entry with G7 multi-gas pump.

The powerful internal pump can switch between pre-entry and continuous monitoring modes at any time, so you can quickly adapt to the environment or evolving circumstances.

Confined spaces are challenging working environments. Identifying the hazards involved then taking proactive steps to prevent them and minimize risks is paramount. Minimizing risks starts with knowing who’s inside a confined space, for how long, and understanding the atmospheric conditions within it.

Hazard Identification with Pre-Entry Checks

A pump cartridge, along with up to 30 meters (100 feet) of tubing, lets workers perform pre-entry checks before entering confined spaces.

Simply select ‘pre-entry’ mode on G7 multi-gas pump to turn on the powerful internal pump. Pre-entry mode automates and simplifies the confined space air quality sampling processes. A countdown timer lets your people know how long to wait before the confined space has been verified safe and ok to proceed. Easily switch into diffusion mode to continuously monitor the space as workers complete the job.

Did you Know? You can also use the device to identify if any gas leaks are occurring throughout your worksites.

Real-Time Visibility of Your Workers

Get connected to where your people are whenever and wherever and know exactly when and where incidents occur.

  • Built-in cellular connectivity, with optional satellite and portable bridge, for remote or hard-to-access locations
  • Location technology including geo-stamped alert status from any Internet-connected device
  • Direct-to-cloud data streaming to Blackline Live software platform for real-time information at your fingertips
  • Optional Push-to-Talk or 24/7 live monitoring with two-way voice communication (cellular only) can provide additional layers of safety 
Confined space entry is a leading cause of occupational fatalities in the United States and is increasing year-over-year
With G7 multi-gas detector you get:

Broad Gas Sensor Portfolio

Detection for up to five gases, with a portfolio of up to 20 gases to choose from.  

If your people change sites frequently or you notice the environmental hazards of your facility are changing, G7 gas sensors can be updated to address evolving needs. 

Simply swap out your existing multi-gas sensor cartridge for a new one with sensors suited to the environment. They’re even hot-swappable, so they can be changed on the job or while in transit to a new incident site.

G7 Multi-gas detector pump cartridge

Powerful Analytics for Data-Driven Safety

Data from connected devices leads to quicker action and better, more informed decisions.

  • Identify patterns in when and where incidents or gas leaks occur and take action to mitigate.
  • Gain insights into how, when and where devices are used to understand worker behaviors, improve scheduling and amplify productivity.

Connected wearables can reduce costs by 8% and increase efficiency by 8.5%  (Visual Capitalist, 2020)

Optional Accessories

  • G7 Bridge  - portable base station that provides a critical satellite uplink to address the challenges of poor connectivity and spotty communications for teams working in remote locations outside of cellular coverage.
  • G7 Dock – calibrate, bump test and charge your device seamlessly without any of the complicated ethernet or Wi-Fi connection requirements of other systems.
  • G7 Power Pack — need to keep your G7 multi-gas detector running around the clock? The intrinsically safe, hot-swappable G7 PowerPack supports long-term intensive projects like shutdowns and turnarounds.
  • Location Beacon – augment location transmissions where GPS alone may not be sufficient. 

Did You Know?

G7’s automated, over-the-air firmware and configuration updates can free you up, helping you save hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) by eliminating the need for manual device data collections.

The Comprehensive

Blackline Safety Ecosystem

All of our G7 devices integrate seamlessly within the rest of our connected safety ecosystem, delivering an array of industry-leading tools and services to help keep your teams safe and amplify your productivity.




Introducing Alertlink

Improve safety with immediate proximity-based warning alerts for urgent events, ensuring swift action and enhanced protection for every worker.



G7c multi-gas detector


Cellular Connectivity

With integrated cellular connectivity, G7c automatically watches over employees and lone workers, instantly linking them to  Blackline Live. Workers can take comfort knowing they can communicate with monitoring personnel or control room staff in real-time using the exclusive two-way speakerphone. And since it's intrinsically safe, there's no need to purchase or carry an additional, expensive cell phone. G7c delivers simple, robust connectivity to account for the wellbeing of workers across all industries — without ever having to manually configure a network.

G7x Multi-gas detector


Satellite Connectivity

Our G7x system leverages satellite connectivity to wirelessly link your workers to the Blackline Cloud via the robust Iridium® satellite network, wherever they may be working. Users can communicate with monitoring or control room personnel via two-way text messaging to account for their safety or communicate critical situational insights during an incident. Consisting of our G7x wearable monitor and  G7 Bridge portable Iridium® satellite uplink unit, the G7x system ensures the wellbeing of your teams is always accounted for — even in the most remote or offshore locations.

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