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Real-Time Gas Plume Dispersion Modeling

Get ahead of chemical releases

Full situational awareness is critical when responding to unanticipated chemical releases at an industrial worksite or accident.

You need up-to-date information to quickly protect workers on site, emergency responders, and if needed, residents of surrounding communities.

Real-time plume modeling—gathered directly from data in the field—can help you make better, faster and more informed decisions and deploy your resources effectively and strategically.

How Our Solution Works

Blackline Safety has partnered with Vlahi, a market leader in plume dispersion modeling software, to deliver best-in-class fence line and perimeter monitoring, and chemical threat analysis. We combine:

  1. Real-time, location-stamped sensor gas readings from Blackline Safety’s cloud-connected G7 EXO area monitors and G7 wearables gas detectors
  2. Vlahi’s web-based and smartphone-based CERES plume modeling software
  3. Live weather data through IBM weather or on-site meteorological stations

Together, they are used to estimate and monitor a released gas's downwind concentration to predict the gas plume's size, speed, and direction of spread. 

Vlahi’s plume modeling software is backed by the government-endorsed US EPA ALOHA code modeling engine for even greater confidence and at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

Better Information, Better Incident Management

Real-time gas plume monitoring leveraging connected gas detectors and weather data is an essential emergency response tool to help:

  • Identify the type and concentration of a gas release
  • Determine its point of origin
  • Calculate the flow rate
  • Monitor and direct first responders
  • Analyze windspeed and direction to predict potential offsite impacts
  • Make informed decisions on whether evacuation or shelter-in-place orders are needed

As winds shift and conditions change, so does the plume dispersion model, giving incident commanders and responders the most accurate information about the incident.

Communicate with Confidence
—Anytime, Anywhere

communications-with-confidence-graphicOur cloud-based web app lets you share up-to-the-minute reports across first responders to enhance coordination, planning and preparation for worst-case scenarios, as well as limited view reports for other stakeholders like local, state or federal agencies.

“With the connected gas detection tools supporting our hazmat team, I was confident we all had the critical information we needed to make decisions and target our response. I was able to monitor the entire situation as it happened remotely from my cell phone.”

– Fire Chief


A combination of cloud-connected gas monitoring equipment and cloud-hosted dispersion modeling software automates the process of visualizing a hazardous gas release.

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