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Onboarding & Implementation Services

Success starts with the first impression.

As with any technology, your people’s initial impression and experience are key indicators for how much—or how little—they'll use it.

That makes onboarding and implementation critical aspects of your connected safety program’s success as your teams navigate this change to policies and procedures.

With our onboarding and implementing services, Blackline Safety invests heavily in your program upfront. The goal is to ensure your investment in our solution has a smooth start that drives adoption and sets you up for long-term success.

Our Approach

The seamless implementation and successful adoption of your Blackline Safety connected safety solutions is our number one goal. Our robust and tailored approach helps you maximize the value of your products and services. We offer:

  • An experienced team with proven track record to guide you every step of the way
  • Support for account design and training
  • Change management guidance

“Blackline Safety helped us tailor our connected safety rollout and buy-in to our diverse stakeholder needs. Leadership prioritized reliability and long-term value, our field personnel were looking for intuitive and easy-to-use devices that could integrate seamlessly into their workday. The right communication—and the right messaging—helped set us up for success,”

— Corporate Director of Landfill Gas Operations

Our Process

You will work with a dedicated Client Implementation Coordinator(CIC) who will provide end-to-end support. They’ll also guide you throughout your onboarding journey to ensure your system and tools are set up to meet your business needs following these six steps.




Your Client Implementation Coordinator (CIC) will work collaboratively with you and your team to gain a complete understanding of your organization, goals and your criteria for success.




Your CIC will work with you to set up and configure your Blackline Live account to meet your business needs and align to your organizational procedures, protocols and practices.


Your CIC will work with you and your team to establish requirements for training. After training is completed, devices and portal configurations can be tested in a live or non-live operation setting.




Your CIC will address any feedback you may have and make any necessary changes. They will review the data insights collected in Blackline Analytics to help you maximize the value you get from your solutions.




Your CIC will work with you to ensure your business is ready to Go-Live. On your Go-Live date, your system functionality will transition to live operations with alerts managed according to your Emergency Response Protocol.




Customer Care will be available 24/7 for technical support and the Client Success team will provide ongoing account management to ensure you get the most of your products and services.


“Blackline’s Implementation Coordinators were great, and really laid out what they’ve seen as best practices.”
– Manager, Regulated Field Safety & Training - Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (Source: OH&S webinar)

Comprehensive Training

Get what you need, when you need it. We offer a variety of courses to meet your diverse training needs and enhance your company’s safety culture.*

  • Self-serve training including how to videos, webinars, guides and online support material
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Train-the-trainer, which empowers you to train personnel at your convenience
  • On-site training of all personnel at a location of your choice

*Note: All services may not be available in all geographies and languages. Contact sales for more information on onboarding and implementation services available to meet your business needs.

Reap the Rewards of Onboarding and Implementation Success

Our customers rate Blackline Safety’s onboarding and implementation services 5/5, thanks to:

  • Reduced time to value
  • Enhanced customer experience with end-to-end onboarding support
  • Expert support and guidance through the change management process
  • Successful user adoption with essential resources and training to get your program up and running quickly


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