Our vision is to become the leading supplier of wirelessly connected  lone worker safety monitoring products in the world—we offer the broadest and most complete portfolio in the industry. We are able to monitor personnel working alone in populated areas, indoors within complex facilities and employees operating in the most remote reaches of our planet.

How It Works

Blackline Technology

Targeting a broad cross-section of industries where safety is a corporate priority, Blackline delivers safety solutions and location awareness. Our complete, in-house product and software design enables the best customer experience. And in-house manufacturing provides the quality and versatility required to meet stringent customer expectations.

With Blackline safety solutions, our customers can protect their personnel while lone workers can share the conditions of their environment and connect with emergency services when necessary.

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About Us

Blackline Safety Corp. is a publicly traded wireless location leader (TSX.V: BLN) that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for worker safety monitoring. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, we employ over 60 talented personnel with a diverse array of skillsets, allowing us to fulfill our customers’ requirements. We have a global reach with an office in the the United Kingdom, a growing international distribution network, and capability to deliver services in over 200 countries.

We are socially responsible and transparent with millions invested into safety monitoring research and development over the last eight years. Our industry-leading expertise has afforded us the opportunity to empower a diverse spectrum of organizations, from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies.

All of our products are developed, manufactured and tested in Canada. We offer a diverse range of solutions that meet the most challenging needs of organizations in every industry.

Blackline Tracking

Blackline also produces a suite of portable tracking solutions for a variety of applications, including package tracking, loss prevention, surveillance, asset security and vehicle tracking.

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