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Blackline Collective.
Safety in numbers.

Safety should not be a competitive advantage. That’s the idea behind Blackline Collective. This program brings together individuals and organizations committed to safety, productivity and doing whatever it takes to give their people the tools and confidence needed to get the job done and return home safe.

We push one another to do better by sharing our successes, challenges and stories that raise awareness of our critical, common goal — protecting and saving lives.

Hear from today’s leaders in safety and productivity about how they’re transforming the industrial workforce.

Empire Cat's safety program reflects the values of the three -generation family-owned business, which was founded over 70 years ago. The company's tagline "Safely Home, Every Day." is much more than words - it represents a personal commitment to be safe everywhere and in any conditions.

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As a part of Blackline Collective, you join a community committed to a common cause. Through this network, leaders come together to collaborate and share best practices that help their people and organizations succeed.

All you have to do is share your stories and experiences, demonstrating your dedication to creating a safer, more productive industrial workforce.

To find out more and to share your ideas, thoughts or stories, contact us today.