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Gas Sensors

A leading gas detection program begins with leading and reliable gas sensor technology. Blackline offers one of the largest portfolios of gas sensors on the market. We use only the highest quality sensors from leading providers including Ion Science, City Technology, MIPEX, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) and NevadaNano.

Modular Sensors for Maximum Versatility

With thousands of gas sensor configuration options, we make it easy to get the most from your gas detection budget. Our G7 personal gas and G7 EXO area monitor each feature a modular, plug-and-play gas sensor cartridge system.  


Single-gas Diffusion Cartridge 
Our single-gas diffusion cartridge supports you with a choice of over 20 sensors, including PID.  

Multi-gas Diffusion Cartridge 
Our multi-gas diffusion cartridge supports up to five gases when equipped with a dual-toxic COSH sensor (CO and H2S). 

Multi-gas Pump Cartridge 
Designed for remote sampling, our multi-gas pump cartridge supports confined space entries and leak-check surveys. This cartridge supports both diffusion and pump operation modes. 

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