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Senior UX Designer

Calgary, Alberta

Are you a collaborative UX designer who loves working through complexities to find the best solution that works well for the user, while also meeting business needs and tying into the larger product roadmap? Do you get energized by working collaboratively with product management and development teams to define, empathize, ideate, prototype, and test design solutions? We’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for a senior UX designer - someone who has mastery of the UX process and toolkit. They design holistic experiences with big picture strategy and use frameworks and a hypothesis-based approach. This person will tackle undefined, complex projects and lead them from beginning to end. They will drive alignment through design facilitation and presentation skills. They synthesize multiple inputs and feedback from stakeholders into a cohesive approach. They also mentor junior designers and onboard others onto projects.


Please reference Job ID: FPCADSNUX

What is the UX Design team like?

We’re currently in the process of growing the UX Design team at Blackline Safety. Our team is currently 5 UX designers and a UX researcher strong – and we’re hoping to double that number within the next year. With all the growth Blackline has seen over the past few years, there are more projects in the works than UX designers to do them justice.

What would I be designing?

The UX Design team works on four main product streams – digital interfaces for our hardware products (what goes on the screen and how do you interact with it), Blackline Live (a cloud-hosted portal for configuring devices), Blackline Analytics (reporting, analytics, and data visualizations leveraging our cloud-connected safety data), and native companion apps for iOS and Android.

The majority of our UX projects are creating new solutions – whether it’s a new feature for an existing platform, an enhancement to make Blackline Live more usable, screen UI for a new hardware product line, finding better ways to report on and evaluate safety events, or adding new features to our companion apps.

What is the general workflow for this role at Blackline?

This usually involves meeting with a variety of stakeholders, disseminating user and stakeholder interviews into feature plans, collaborating with product management on what to create, diagramming, and documenting as needed. Once the solution is roughly defined, we ideate, sketch, wireframe, design, prototype, and test as appropriate, while keeping stakeholders informed. Once solutions are defined, we work with the software, firmware, app development, and hardware teams to get the designs into production.

At Blackline, all members of the product development team contribute to the overall user experience of our hardware, software, and service products. The user experience designer communicates effectively and appropriately. This could be a user flow diagram, a high-fidelity prototype of a new SaaS feature, a whiteboarding session with product management, or the digital interface for a physical product — there are no boundaries for great design.

What's your toolset like?

The UX Design team currently uses Miro to document workshops, research, workflow, and screen flow diagrams. We wireframe, design, and prototype in Adobe XD. We collaborate in person with whiteboards and screen share when we’re working from home. We chat and share GIFs with MS Teams.

What makes someone a good fit for this position?

  • Good with simplifying complexity. Our solutions often involve multiple hardware and software interactions and require someone comfortable with figuring out and designing solutions that involve many moving parts. Our most successful designers possess a talent for translating highly technical information into clear and concise communications and interfaces.
  • Prioritizes collaboration and communication. We work closely with many other Blackline teams, as well as within the UX Design team. There are lots of opportunities to contribute while also validating and incorporating others’ contributions, to the goal of a solution benefitting from many minds and perspectives.
  • Self-directed and flexible. The people who excel are great at taking a broad outline of what needs to be done, then figuring out how to do it and making it happen. They regularly check-in to ensure projects are still on track and are open to adjusting plans as needed.
  • Happy to lend a hand. Some of what our UXers do is help other internal teams understand the impact of our designs – meeting with the software team on how the design affects code, working with product management to document how our designs affect an internal process or working with the Performance and Learning team on what might be needed to train users on new features or products.
  • Likes to work on full-cycle UX. This includes conducting user research, competitive analysis, internal workshops, and other design thinking activities. We develop and deliver high-level and detailed storyboards, concept diagrams, workflows, screen flows, user interface sketches, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and detailed design specifications. Although deliverables are what we create, it’s the planning and thought behind all the deliverables that make them valuable.

We're looking for a designer who:

  • Has a minimum of 5 years of work experience in UX design.
  • Has a portfolio demonstrating digital design skills as well as examples of technical expertise. Ideally, your portfolio showcases not only the result but the process you took to get there.
  • Has great problem-solving skills with an ability to communicate complex ideas in clear and concise ways.
  • Is a solid communicator (verbal, written, presenting). This is a very collaborative position.
  • Is eligible to work in Canada or the United States. Our team works business hours in the MST time zone.

We prioritize applicants who have:

  • Experience designing complex products
  • Experience designing SaaS and working with development teams
  • An understanding of how design and code flow together (responsive, cross-browser)
  • Understanding of or experience with physical hardware (IoT)
  • Have experience working at a medium to large-sized business and cross-functional teams.

Benefits & Compensation

  • Full-time salaried position: compensation to match your experience and talent.
  • Rapidly growing tech company expanding globally
  • Extended Health and Dental benefits, along with a wellness program
  • Employee Family Assistance Program
  • Educational Assistance Program
  • Company stock purchase plan with matching RSP contributions

About Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of wirelessly connected safety products. We offer the broadest and most complete portfolio available in the industry. Our products are designed to save lives and we monitor personnel working alone in populated areas, complex indoor facilities, and the remote reaches of our planet. Blackline’s products are used to keep people safe in the event of falls, missed check-ins, man-downs and exposure to explosive or toxic gas. Our design, development, sales, marketing, support, and production are all performed in-house at our headquarters in Calgary, AB. Blackline Safety is a publicly traded company (TSX: BLN). To learn more about our company visit www.blacklinesafety.com

Blackline Safety is powered by the diversity of our talented employees. We are an equal opportunity employer. We consider all applicants, regardless of age, religion, race, color, ancestry, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, national origin, race, sexual orientation. We enthusiastically encourage all individuals to apply for positions that fit their passions. Come join our inclusive team and start collaborating with us on exciting projects!

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